Tennis Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will be doing tennis trick shots. With us here we have got the Finnish tennis pro Otto Virtanen Thank you for having me! Let’s do some fun tricks! Alright, let’s see how well the Pongfinity guys can return my serves. First serve now! I’m ready! What!? No chance I wonder if you can do a cartwheel shot in tennis? I got a point! Let’s go upstairs! The upstairs winner! Okay, I’m pretty confident that I will do a bit better than Emil. Nice one! One! I touched it! Not an ace! Okay, that was difficult. What was that? Okay, let’s see if a side change is possible in tennis. In this case, the rules don’t matter! Nice! I’m going to smash the ball! Out. Out. It was a good try! I’m not going to run for that. Let’s see if Otto can do the double. Now let’s see how well Otto can receive my serve. No… he didn’t really seem to have any trouble with that one! Alright, thanks for coming over Otto! We wish you the best of luck for Wimbledon! Thank you! I hope to use some tricks also there! Remember to hit subscribe Watch our previous videos there. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Tennis Trick Shots

  1. It's time for tennis! ? Ever since we made the badminton video, we have got a lot of requests from you guys to make a tennis video as well. So here we go! ?

  2. I did a tennis trick shot in a real match the ball was at the edge of the net in the right corner and I dived and hit it

  3. 1:01 I thought that was out I don't know if it was but it's worth a rewatch to make sure. 2:06 that might be out if you watch it slowly

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  5. Wow, so cool I will try some tennis tricks shots tomorrow at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. Hope to see you soon again here Otto. 😉

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