Tennis in a Football Stadium! Touring the New Miami Open at Hard Rock Stadium

this is our first look at the new stadium
here at the Hard Rock let’s go in and have a look
come on all right so see here 72 Club
this is where you want to sit here we are the new Miami Open
at the Hard Rock Stadium this is a football field the Miami Dolphins play here
they’ve built this court on the football field this is the view you’re basically courtside
but check out the seats these nice plush recliners
watching some tennis in the Florida sun I like this new stadium and we can’t wait to show fellow tennis fans
on the gram… going live in three… two… welcome to Hard Rock Stadium sun’s out, the clouds are out, the roof is open and we are experiencing for the first time
the stadium within a stadium it’s pretty spectacular
it’s amazing that they did this right? was one of your goals to make the most incredible
tennis experience in the world? yeah we wanted to make it not just a
tennis experience an entertainment experience there’s gonna be music
there’s gonna be different restaurants and I think there’s gonna be people who are just gonna
get a ground pass and be able to hang out there and watch on the biggest video screen
in the sport of tennis we’re so lucky to have that most
tennis tournaments don’t have they don’t have this culture
the culture of Miami we’ve got beautiful murals up
on some of the outer courts and then you’ve got the crowd
it’s gonna be pretty special when you see it up close you can really appreciate it
so much more than when you see it on tv because you can appreciate how strong
these athletes are how fast they are and how fast the balls moving we love the sport we love the stadium
thank you for chatting with us already an impressive start to the day and there’s so much more to see You saw how beautiful the stadium court was
now this is our second court there’s a grandstand
this is over 5,000 seats for a grandstand and see a lot of amazing players on the stadium but
some of the best matches you see on the outer courts they spill out here and to have a court like this
with this much capacity at over 5,000 seats you’re gonna get some amazing matches
and raucous crowds oh my gosh this is amazing I mean it’s completely different from
the tournament last year where it was like a kind of a small club feel I mean this is expansive
this is a playground!

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