Tennis Game for Large Groups – All Touch Volleyball Tennis

The goal of this game is to have fun with large groups. It is ideal for camps – maybe as a warm up, maybe after a hard day on the courts, just to relax, have fun, work with a team. The challenge of the game is to have each one
of the teammates touch the ball before hitting it over the net. Ideally, the players should
hit the ball up and let the team mates run and hit it up again. The problem usually occurs when players try to hit the ball towards their teammates. Players are not allowed to hit
it hard. A good strategy is to hit the ball and sit down so that everybody in your team
knows that you have already hit the ball. Off course, like in any other game you can
adjust the rules depending on the strength of your players. For weaker players you may
allow the ball to bounce once or for one player to hit the ball twice. Have fun!

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