Tennis de table: Zhang Jike et ses fans féminines

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today I want to show how popular the table
tennis sport in China. A famous player in China can have a huge fan
base. There are about 1000 Zhang Jike’s fangirls
from all around China come to support him. Zhang Jike has more fangirls and more Weibo
followers than any other Chinese National Team player. He has about 8 million Weibo followers. What are these fangirls singing? They are singing the song composed by Zhang
Jike. He released a single song for fans to download
(0.3 Euro for each download), there were 200,000 downloads in the first 10 days. Can you see the slogan on the head of these
fangirls? It means “I only like ZJK”, “Nobody can stand
by Zhang Jike”. They also scream the slogan during the competition. Nowhere outside of China, the table tennis
players have such a big influence like Zhang Jike. He also promotes in the ads of the big companies
in China in the automobile and in the fashion industry. If you are famous, there are a lot of commercial
opportunities. Zhang Jike was born in 1988, he has 29-year-olds
right now. Until now, he has no girlfriend and only focuses
on the career. But there are already more than thousands
girl to support him. Hey, so if you can’t find a nice girlfriend,
just play ping pong 🙂 (just kidding).

10 thoughts on “Tennis de table: Zhang Jike et ses fans féminines

  1. Why are there so many languages on your channel? There's German ( the name of your channel is called "Tischtennis Trainer"), French( at my notification bar, there's "ZJK et ses fans féminines" and you wrote a typical French grammatical mistake "he has" instead of "he is"), Chinese ("your accent") and Spanish ( the next suggested video I see is called "Tenis de mesa: el futuro campéon". Do you use a weird translation programme for your channel or do you just speak so many languages?

  2. Girls love bad boys. Zhang Jike is a bad boy with an attitude. That’s why he turns on a large pool of crazy fan girls. It’s a sad part of modernized Chinese culture. Cultural Marxists would enjoy the last laugh. ★★★★★

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