Tennis Ball Bounce Drill | Softball Hitting Drills

Softball Hitting Drills: Tennis Ball Bounce
Drill [Intro Music]>>CJ Browder: A key part to hitting is being
on time. A good drill to help us practice off speed
pitches is the tennis ball bounce drill. During the tennis ball bounce drill, the athlete
will stand about 15 feet from the front tosser.>>Browder: The front tosser will bounce a
tennis ball into the hitting zone. The hitter will have to wait on the tennis
ball to enter the hitting zone before their swing begins, simulating an off-speed pitch.>>Browder: The objective for the hitter is
to hit a low line drive back to the middle of the field, maintaining balance and drive
through the ball. The tennis ball bounce drill is a great way
to practice patience and can help hitters develop timing. [Outro Music]

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