Tennirobo – table tennis robot. Робот/пушка/тренажер для настольного тенниса.

Hello friends Today I want to show you the next iteration of my robot, which called TenniRobo All we know standard table tennis robots, which mounted on the table It’s not really convenient, because robot on the table can’t make long balls But a robot mounted with tripod can be located anywhere and it’s able to make any balls, you don’t have to place it only near table TenniRobo can be mounted as near the table, as in far zonez: on the right on the left high above the table or even under the table – for making chops for example I proud to show you the new 3-motors head It’s really easy to control direction of the head with mobile app You just have to select head angle with this joystick For accurate tune, there are 4 buttons (left, right, top and bottom) that allow to precise select point of shot But my favorite options are ball parameters You may control all ball parameters is it dead ball (without spin), or ball with a side spin, what spin of the ball, and how long will be shot – – all these parameters you can control just with 3 controls. The application automatically calculates motors rotations for selected parameters Let’s look at these examples of ball behavior with different parameters! www.tennirobo.com

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