Hello and welcome to a new video! Today we have news about a great event for you! At the 15th of November there is a big charity match in Cologne! It will be the match of year! YouTube Allstars vs. Team Freekickerz. Today we have the three best players of the YT Alltars already here. Apart from them the Brotatos, FifaGoalsUnited or Football4Broz are going to take part! Thus the most important football channels in Germany are going to take part in it! You’ll find the link for the tickets in the video description. And we are going to simulate some situations like penalties or 1 vs.1 now. Have fun guys! And let’s go! So the first challenge is going to be a 1 vs. 1! Lukas is the defender first, i am the striker and get the ball and need to score a goal then! Each team has 6 shots! – He’ll try to score! So we are going to decide now, which team is going to start then. They may start then! Just a little tricky! And you wanna play in an upper league?! Upper league vs. sunday league! And he should be a playmaker with passes like that?! The tutorial you can find on TikTok! He wasn’t even ready! – But now, now i am! So it’s time for the second challenge now! A wing from there and you have two touches to score a goal then. Each team with 6 tries! What an easy save for him! He has watched the freekick from Rashford too often! Jan just punched me, you saw that? – He deserved it! So the score is 1-1 now. We have won the second challenge. Now it’s time for penalties! Everything is going to be decided there! It’s just like in the real match at the 15th November, when it’s a due, there are directly going to be penalties! Okay so let’s go! The feet are already shaky! Let’s decide how may start! I can’t do that! Before the first challenge has started, we have also lost here, so it doesn’t mean anything! Pressure is already there right now, he can’t control the ball there! Now i wouldn’t like to be Jannik! He even wears the new Predators! Konzi, let’s go! Make a safe one! Really good! Really, really good! We have got two matchballs now! Look at this snitch! He is a spy! We need to calm down now as it is time for the most important information now! 15th of November is the date, you need to save! In Cologne at Viktoria Cologne’s Stadium! All infos are also down below! It’s going to be epic there! Huge thanks to 11teamsports and adidas for making this event possible there! So Team FK is now going into a trainings camp! Don’t forget to check out the videos on the other channels as well! We also made some great challenges there! We’ll see you in Cologne! Or in the next video, goodbye!


  1. What a quality idea lads! 😀🙌 You’ll have to take us on next… 😉 Loved the different challenges – That Rabona 1v1 though… 🔥 Top work, congrats #teamfk 🙌 #Knuckleit 👊

  2. Конзи русский поэтому он поймет. Первый раз вижу , чтоб так ебали фрикикерс. Но в следующих челенджах лучшие.

  3. Кто русский?я надеюсь я не один здесь?
    Проверим сколько тут нас!

  4. Oberliga spieler ? 😂 der lauro hat den so vernascht , spiele selber Oberliga aber so schlecht kann echt niemand verteidigen

  5. Let’s take a ball, a peach, some player. One shoot goes wide, one shoot goes in the window of the house behind the goal, one outside the field, one shoot scores in the upper right corner… some teasing comments, a preview with curve arrows: then you have one of the thousands Freekickers videos, all identical

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