TCU baseball opens up practice for the 2019 season

First day of fall practice
is always super exciting. And we’ve been going at it for about four weeks with the skill hours
that we’re allowed, the small group work. And we see a lot of things
that we really like, but you never know till you start
having intersquad games. And then, of course,
you get the two outside competition games. So excited about this bunch, and
looking forward to getting it going. This is my favorite time of year,
especially the month of October. Because it’s baseball and teaching without the pressure
of having to win and lose games. Got a phone call from the Rangers,
and they were, I guess, moving their instructional
league group here. And they were looking for some games. And so
I would say that’s an awesome opportunity, number one just to be in a big league
ball park, play with wood bats. Obviously face a lot of really good,
talented young professional players. And so it’ll be good to see our guys,
especially the new guys, how they react to that, and it’s fun. We play a game in a week, and
we haven’t even started practice yet. So who knows what that’s gonna look like,
but it’ll be fun. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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