[TAS] Tekken 3 – Julia Chang

Michelle! Mother! You have conquered Ogre. Now the key to control Ogre is this pendant. It was all Heihachi’s evil plan. I’ll never let Heihachi get away with this! No, Julia, wait. Julia, hatred is not the answer. Do you remember why I taught you the powers to fight? It was to protect mother earth.
Not to destroy. Now let’s go home.
Back to Arizona, where the land awaits us.

64 thoughts on “[TAS] Tekken 3 – Julia Chang

  1. Yahooooo Julia Chang thank you Maina Highway for this great feature and Michelle Chang for bringing her into the Tekken business. :3
    Julia throw 3:50 nice. Jeez 4:38 total skull crush. Camera Angle win 5:32–5:38.

  2. Am I seeing things? Nope. How the hell? Oh, right. She IS Juila Chang! Pulling some combos and you are already dead. Nice TAS!

  3. Still to this day one of the visually strongest females in Tekken history ?? the way she punches her opponents is so satisfying to watch

  4. Okay, enough is enough.
    Today, I make a declaration.
    Today, I'm subscribing to Maina Highway.
    Your TAS videos have impressed me to no end.
    You… are AMAZING!!!
    Thank you!!!
    @AnonymousBased (8-19-19)

  5. Bro she killed KING in 5 moves because he kept attacking straight ahead instead of realizing she sidestepped lmaoo

  6. Recuerdo que ese final del Juego era mi favorito por las voces, historia y movimientos de las cinemáticas.
    Y tu manera de jugglear con Julia, exótica e increiblemente letal.

  7. This could be a 100% perfect TAS if… well, you could have used Julia's 2p outfit (imho, the best outfit she ever had). Regardless, learned a lot of new combos that only can be done here, like d df 1, 2 doesn't knock down the opponent too far away so it's possible to link it after it.

    Great job, as always. 🙂

  8. one of my favorite tekken characters, the truth gives me so much intrigue if finally her story will have a happy ending with her getting the reforestation of her people

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