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– Football, 200. – Your choice: do or don’t name this play in which the quarterback runs the ball and can choose to pitch
it to another back. (timer beep) It’s an option play. Ryan? – Football, 400. – [Alex] I can tell you
guys are big football fans. – [Ryan] Yeah, yeah. – Tom Landry perfected the
shotgun formation with this team. (audience laughter) (timer beep) Dallas Cowboys. Do you think we should go to commercial? (audience laughter) Ryan?
– Taking on the 600. – Okay, by signaling for
one of these, a returner can reel in a kick without
fear of getting tackled. (audience laughter) (timer beep) Fair catch. Two clues left, Ryan. – 800. – These penalties are
simultaneous violations by the offense and defense
that cancel each other out. (timer beep) And they are called offsetting penalties. Let’s look at the $1000
clue just for the fun of it. (audience laughter) Jimmy? – As Minneapolis’s US Bank
Stadium prepares to host Super Bowl LII, I’m looking
at the Ring of Honor, with names from this defensive line that took the Vikings to four Super Bowls. – If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die. (audience laughter) Who are the Purple People Eaters. We’re gonna take a break. I have to talk to them. (applause)

100 thoughts on “Talkin’ Football | JEOPARDY!

  1. Football and video games, 2 categories that seem to always give contestants trouble. Shoot put me on there and those would be the only 2 i would have a chance at.

  2. In the hours of study when they get chosen to be on the show, you'd think the contestants would prepare for modern culture subjects. It's part of the top topics in "Jeopady!".

  3. I occasionally watch football when a big game is on, but I only know the basics, like touchdown, field goal, interception, etc. so I didn’t know any of the questions. I do well when it comes to other categories though.

    That being said though it’s possible to be a total nerd and still watch football. I’m surprised that none of them even got one right considering how popular football is.

  4. Well,I am washing the program right now,they have a Spanish boy,I think Orlando is his name,and he push the bottom and the light no coming on.What is happening?The other two person answer all time and he is pushing the bottom first.Ummmm!

  5. I mean
    I get that not everyone is into sports, let alone specific sports like football.
    But in a nation of 300M+, and football being the king of the mountain, what are the odds of getting three people at once who don’t know a lick of it?

    If I were a betting man, I’d have lost money on this.

  6. I absolutely loathe football. It’s as useless as watching porn. People that watch other people play a game are bizarre.

  7. Because they don’t give a shit about trivial insignificant meaningless gladiator games.
    The emperors games of mass distraction!

  8. All that trouble to go to Viking stadium to film the bit, only to have that $1000 question go down in history as one of Jeopardy's biggest fumbles. Serves them right. Screw football.

  9. Reminds me of an episode of "Frasier" when Daphne explained to Frasier and Niles the definition of a "double header".

  10. Wow!!! Sad yes, but at least they probably know who wrote the Declaration of Independence or who gave us the Statue of Liberty .

  11. Those were not easy ones. I did get the Cowboys one. But it was a guess. I knew it had to be a Texas team. Also got fair catch

  12. This and the Dodgers Baseball category are the only ones in the history of the show where I knew every answer.

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