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Welcome Back! And In Todays Video, I’ll Be Showing You How To Get Your Grip & Your Stance Right! If You Haven’t Already Check Out Our Previous Video On How To Pad Up The Link Is in The Description The Simplest Grip For Beginners, Is The Double ‘V’ Grip So All You Need To Do Is Make A ‘V’ Between Your Index Finger & Your Thumb And Wrap It Around The Bottom Of Your Bat Then, You Do The Same With Your Other Hand And Then You Wrap It Around, Just Above It There’s Your ‘V’ Grip! Now That We’ve Learnt How To Get Our Grip Right We Will Move On To The Stance A Stance Is A Vital Part Of Playing Cricket It Helps You Move Into Position For All Of Your Shots The Regulation Stance, Is A Very Simple One All You Have To Do, Is Move Your Legs Shoulder Width Apart And Then Keep Them Parallel After That, You Can Get Your Bat Ready And You Have To Have Your Knees Bent A Little And Then You Can Get Ready To Play The Ball The First Thing That Batsmen Do When They Get Down To The Crease Is Mark Their Preferred Position For Their Stance All That They Have To Do For This, Is Ask The Umpire Their Preferred Choice Such As, Mine Is Middle *Stump* So I Would Ask The Umpire Right Now Umpire Is This Middle? Umpire: A Touch To Yourself Umpire: A Little Bit More Umpire: Yep, That’s Middle *Stump* Thank You! So Now, All You Have To Do Is Mark This With Either Your Foot Or Your Bat So There We Go! And Now, I Can Get Into My Stance! Now You’re Ready, To Go Out & Play!

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