Take A Tour Of Swarthmore College Baseball’s New Field Of Dreams

– Hi, I’m head baseball
coach Matt Midkiff. And I wanna take you on a
tour of our new PPR dorm. Let’s take a walk. What’s really cool about this dorm is that our baseball field is right there. (light jazz tune) This area of the dorm
contains student lounges. Let’s take a look. (light upbeat jazz music) – [Male Off-Camera] Equation
that you’re solving? (laughter) – Absolutely. This is so basic that I really
don’t wanna spend time on it. This area has two cutouts that
look directly onto our field. I’m gonna find the elevator. This is more my style.
(Bell rings) One of the really cool
features of this dorm is the terrace outside. Let’s go take a look. When students aren’t dodging home runs, they can catch some rays,
hang out, do some homework, catch a meal, and check out some baseball. This facility has got
to be one of the coolest in all of college baseball. A dorm built right into a baseball field. Feel lucky to come to work everyday. Down the lines, it’s about 320. Dead center-field is about 377. And then it jets back to a little alcove that is almost 400 feet in right center. Right center will be kind
of a triples alley, I think. The poolside gap for right-handed
hitters, left center-field is a little bit shallower
than most parks will be. But we do have the wall
so it’ll make for a lot of interesting plays off the wall. We’re lucky to have some
great padding on the wall so a lot of great outfield plays will happen with this new facility. It’s about a 20-foot
wall and what’s great is you’ve got this four foot extension here so fans could really be
a part of the action. Just have to make sure nobody reaches over to grab any balls before they
get over the yellow line. (funky jazz beat) Thanks for joining me and
checking out the new PPR building. Along with our scoreboard,
Predente press box, batting cages, bullpens, and a great playing surface, I think Swarthmore baseball has one of the finest facilities in the country. And we’d love to have
you come check it out.

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