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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Eugene
has asked us a question about how do you figure out tactics against a player that you’ve never
played before. Your first opportunity will be if you see
them playing in a match before you play them. If you do watch what they like, watch what
they don’t like, and watch what that particular opponent is doing to them. But often that
doesn’t always match up with your style. So your first opportunity is in the warm up.
You’ve got two minutes to start to figure things out. You might start with the warm
up playing backhands to forehands. In that time you’ll get a bit of a feel for how comfortable
and good they are on the forehand side. You might also just throw in a few different balls
so a few topspins and see how they cope with that. Or you might even just put a backspin
ball in every now and then and just see what they do with that. And then you swap over
to the other side and do something similar so you might do some good controlled balls
first and see what the backhand looks like. Throw in some topspins at them, throw in some
faster balls and see how they cope, throw in some slower topspins and then also let
them topspin and see what they’ve got on that side as well. So in that two minutes you can
learn a lot about your opponent. Then when the actual game starts I want you
to experiment a little bit with your serves, your return of serve, and also your placement
during the rally. For example with the first serve I might give them my favourite, my stock
standard serve so I’m going to do a short backspin serve to the forehand and see how
they cope. Then I’m going to try perhaps that same serve into the backhand corner and OK
that one doesn’t come back so now I’m starting to think OK perhaps the backhand is where
I need to be serving that ball. On the return of serve you’ve got some options
to explore. I might try a short return and see what their short game is like or I might
just flick the ball and see how they cope with that or the other option off a short
serve is pushing the long push to them and just see, do they have a weapon, can they
open up and attack me on that. So now I’ve started to explore a little bit about how
they’re going to play in the rally off their serve as well. And in the rally I’m going to see are they
good at blocking with their forehand or blocking with their backhand or what they’re like when
I play the ball into their middle. How they are when I move them around from side to side.
So all of those things are things that you can start to explore in the rally as well.

39 thoughts on “Tactics Against a New Opponent | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. How can I get good spin on a less rubberized paddle? When I try to go for the more heavy spin, the ball doesn't grip the paddle, but when I put less spin, the spin doesn't really affect my opponents. Please respond!

  2. New to ping pong, have played tennis for 10 years, and only recently been introduced to ping pong and i love it so much, I've watched so many of your videos and i love them all too!

  3. I like this video. Very informative. But I have a question, how can you have control with the gameplay (Spin, Speed, and Placement) if you play with a new opponent? This is one loophole that I see in my game. A reply will be very much appreciated, and more power to you!

  4. Your videos were really helpful as beginner.I just started playing TT 3 months ago..and learnt the basics from your videos.Keep going the good work.Cheers 🙂

  5. Your videos are really helpful PingSkills! Keep up the good work! I'm 14 and I'm pretty much a beginner! Could you give me advice/link to a video on how to do sidespin serve?
    Thanks again PingSkills! I shall subscribe

  6. A friend of mine as a very solid backhand while his forehand is in no way lacking either. he doesn't do anything fancy but he gets pretty much every ball back(we are both just casual but do play regularly) so should I try to get him with spin and what type?

  7. sir , thanks for answering my previous question.. firstly I want to tell you that I can't play 2nd consecutive smash , although it is coming near to me. So what can I do for making my placement for next smash in time?

  8. im. having trouble playing with people using cheap bat which the rubber kind of confuse me…when I hit a topspin to him…he block and the ball kind of like backspin…please help me….it also kind of old cheap rubber

  9. When I saw the title I thought “new player” meant a player that is just starting out and I was just thinking like this is the most pointless video ever

  10. I had been using longpimples tibhar grass dtecs for by backhand I do push the ball block and chop but after seeing your videos I got interested to loop topspin and smash on my backhand and I changed to a rubber all goes well but the only problem is when I push the ball it falls into the net or goes sideways any suggestions regarding this sorry for a long message you guys are really good out there

  11. How to react when an advanced player refuses to play with a ''rookie''/intermediate with a glint of disdain …i do feel insulted but what can i do …i know : practice to beat him !!!

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