Table Tennis vs Hockey | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) My name is Britt Eerland,
I’m from Holland and I play table tennis. It’s my sport,
it’s my passion. Three words to describe
myself – I’m spontaneous,
driven and fun. (OLYMPIAN RIO 2016) Blair Tarrant,
I’m a New Zealander and my sport is hockey. I’m a defender. My strengths are disrupting
all the skilful attacking. It was a massive honour to play at the Olympics for
New Zealand. I just totally missed the ball. That was tough.
And I was terrible. (SPORTS SWAP) (TABLE TENNIS/HOCKEY) Hey I’m Britt. Hey I’m Blair,
nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Have you ever
played like this, or only on camping for fun? I’ve played with a few
friends but not like this. – Are you a little bit afraid?
– Yeah, a little bit nervous about hitting the ball,
to be honest. You have to hit
the ball over the net, it will be more difficult, but
we will find ways, no problem. I have played table tennis
before at a very low standard. The ball does a lot in the air
by the looks of it. It’s going to be tough. My ambition is to hit
the ball back over the net, simple as that. Well, Britt, welcome to
Hockey Club Rotterdam. Have you ever
played hockey before? Erm, I can’t remember. I think when I was 12 years,
but it was a long time ago, and I think maybe once. Table tennis for Britt will
directly translate in terms of the reaction time and the
reacting to what a player does and what the ball does
in a game, but maybe just the running
and the intensity of the game will be difficult for her. I’m quite excited, but I hope
I will not be too bad, so we will see about that. (THE KIT) I will explain to you
a little bit about the racket or the bat. A lot of people play different,
like defence or attack. If you are attacking,
you play with a faster racket and if you are defending,
you play with slower, because you want
to have more control and play more balls
on the table. I prefer this, too –
I don’t have pimples so that I can play
top spin or under spin. This is a hockey stick, here, this is my stick,
I’m a defender, so my stick is
37-and-a-half inches long. The midfielders and strikers will have a smaller stick
for their skills. For me,
I’m here to stop people, so my stick’s
a little bit longer. With hockey, everyone on
the field plays right-handed. So there are no left-handers? – No.
– OK. So, the other equipment
we have, so, shin pads, obviously
to protect our shins, so they’re nice and hard. Half the players
will wear a glove. Often in hockey, you’ll get
broken fingers or broken hands and the most important one
is the mouth guard. All right, Britt,
here’s your stick. – Let’s get into it.
– Thank you. (THE INTIATION) We’ll do a little
bit of a warm-up. The first exercise my coach
will give is, like, backhand middle,
backhand forehand. I will show you,
and after, you can try. Cool. Good luck! I hope that was
enough training. We will play one set now,
so that you can see how Olympic level will be. OK, let’s do it. 1. 1-4. 4-1…5-1. Ooh, it’s a difficult serve. 5-2. 9-2, 10-2. – Ah, man!
– Thank you. – Thanks.
– 2 points, though. I really enjoyed it,
it was good fun. I was terrible, I thought
I could return a few serves, but as soon as she started
spinning it, it was tough. I missed some balls
because with his forehand and the touch, it was still
different balls for me, but still, these kind of balls are quite easy
for me to return. The challenge for you is
to score a penalty shootout. But to make it harder for you,
we’re going to have – a goalkeeper in goal.
– OK. Right, so I take the ball
from here, into the circle and I’m trying to score
past the goalkeeper. I have eight seconds. Can I go home? Yes! Britt,
now it’s your turn. Eight seconds, score a goal
past the keeper. – Good luck.
– I’m kind of nervous. Oh, my God! This is so difficult.
The keeper needs to save the ball! – It was out.
– You got round him. – Yeah! I got round him.
– How did you find that, Britt? Quite hard. I thought I’m right-handed,
so I can use my right hand, but in the end,
I have to use my left one and I’m not used
to using my left hand, so it’s quite difficult
for that. Hockey is a sport where you
really need the basic skills and I think someone like Britt
will be able to pick that up in a month or so,
but it’s really tough the first time you come out
here and try it. (PRE-MATCH RITUAL) I’m giving you some music. I don’t know what to do. I’ve got a few rituals.
When I’m warming up, I dance. Hooo…! From the beginning,
I really start slow, then I go up and up
then I really prepare my body and my head to really go
100% in the match. Hey! (THE BASICS) I think it’s important
that I first teach you how to hold your racket. If you give me your hand,
do the same with your racket. This finger on your rubber.
Yes, good. You have to point the racket where you want to
play the ball. This was a little bit open, so that’s why
the ball went over the table. Yes. Good. Really good rally. I lost concentration. It’s the same,
like in the backhand, you stay like this,
now it’s the opposite, so open your racket a little
bit. Yes, and play it
back to the front. And now try to do this
on the ball. It’s really funny,
you’re so tense. I’m trying to concentrate. Yes. Now you have
the forehand and the backhand. With hockey, the basic skills
that we talk about are footwork and low body position. We’re always here and we have
to have good footwork. It’s really important that your
right hand is down here nice and low
and it’s nice and loose. So, go up to the first cone
and then around. – Ah, so… Argh!
– Yep. Nice and loose,
both hands. It’s tough.
If it gets too close, it’s really hard to control,
too far away, really hard to control. Do you want to spin it? Nice. I’ll try now to teach you
some facts about table tennis. Top spin. You go over the ball
and I’m trying to… Yeah, that’s a good one. On the spin,
you go down into it. On the table
it’s a little bit easier to see that the ball will come back,
that means it’s on the spin. – Let’s try it.
– We’ll try. Yes, see. Generally you start like this,
you open the ball. You throw it and you go in. I like this
because when you serve, you can do it with all your
body going into the ball. Yes. Yes, that’s it.
That’s the service. Yeah, nice. OK, Britt, what we’re going
to do is some goal scoring. So, we’re going to go
around this piece of wood here and try and hit the ball
in the goal as hard as we can. So go up nice and slowly, here, push the ball
towards the goal… And then hit. Off you go. It sounds so hard. I will try. I just tried to hit and I just
totally missed the ball. OK, two tips
which might help you a lot. First thing, hands together. Second one,
when you hit the ball you want to be
in line with your front toe. Good. Nice. Yeah, that’s good. – Yeah!
– It’s in the goal. (THE DIET) This smells good.
Do you eat something special, especially on game day? On game day,
so we really make sure, three hours before a game,
we have a good meal, so often it’ll be
pasta or a sandwich, depending on how you feel.
One hour before the game, I’ll have a peanut butter
sandwich… Peanut butter sandwich,
that’s good. ..and some water and then
30 minutes before I warm up, I’ll have some caffeine, so that’s kind of
a set structure. – What about you?
– Normally, I always try to have food with me
because if I’m hungry during the game I cannot play. So I’ve always something
with me that I can eat. Do you have any foods
that you love to eat but you probably shouldn’t? Yes, chocolate. (THE CHALLENGE) So, let’s see if you can make
a few more points than before. Bring it on. (ONE SET) (FIRST TO ELEVEN) 1-0. After she talked me through it, I could return a couple of
shots and it was good fun. I’m stoked with what I learnt. I think I’ve got worse! Ah yes! – Ah.
– Off the net. He stopped much better
my service and in the end, he could
even play on the table. You must have speed.
7-1… come on. You cannot go from the
forehand to the backhand and it’s not good
enough technique. – 2-8.
– I think I was better. And when Britt
gave me the ball where I knew it was going
to go, I could probably return it, but as soon as things
got complicated, I didn’t stand a chance. Oh, no! Thank you! It was already
much better than before and we got some more rallies,
so that’s good. The hardest part
was returning the spin because I had no idea
where it was going and I had no idea where it was
going off my bat, either. (FIVE ATTEMPTS TO SCORE A GOAL) OK, so we’ve done
some training now, we’ve got the goalkeeper back. It’s your time to score,
off you go. It was harder
than I expected. I didn’t know that if
you went to the goal, the keeper would come to you, so this was also
a little bit scary. OK, let’s try again. There’s a million
different skills you need to master to become
a good hockey player. – Go the other way this time.
– How? That way was probably harder.
Yeah. Blair was patient and he tried
to explain to me good. OK, your last time, Britt. All the best,
I know you can score. Go. You didn’t score,
but you definitely got better. – Did you think you got better?
– I think I got better, it feels more professional now! It looks a bit more
professional. Good. Yeah, I was hoping she was going to score
the goal at the end but the keeper, to be fair,
did pretty well. Britt would definitely
get her own back if he went and played

56 thoughts on “Table Tennis vs Hockey | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

  1. field hockey should not be considered hockey it should be field hockey. field hockey being called hockey is a discrase to the actual sport

  2. Hockey just looks like they gave you guys terrible tools for accomplishing your job. You need to be huge athletes, but hey here’s a 32 inch stick that’s even shorter than your knuckle to ground distance.

  3. A hockey player can play any game. They need fitness (to bend and move) ,skills and a lot of concentration(control the ball with just a stick).

  4. Not that I play either sport, but it looked like the field hockey player needed a lower stance at the ping pong table, and the ping pong player needed a lower stance on the field hockey pitch. It's like the response to an unfamiliar situation is to straighten up?

  5. I was expecting ICE hockey, because it is the more common type. I would love if the makers of this series made it more specific. Dropping a dislike for this reason. No thing against the athletes or the makers.

  6. God dammit guys. Just reading these comments make me laugh. I don’t think any of you should be getting triggered by the word calling this sport “hockey”. Now don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what the actual name is of the sport, but I just ask not to comment things like “ field hockey is a disgrace to sports” or “field hockey shouldn’t be a sport” because even if you think it’s okay voicing your opinion, sometimes you just need to be careful of what you say or how you word it because some people (like me) live and breath for this sport and it brings me so much joy. So next time you’re voicing your opinion think hard about what your actually putting. Thank you for your time.

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