Table Tennis Tutorial: Forehand Pendulum Serve

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, we will learn one of the most common
serve in table tennis “the forehand pendulum serve”. This serve is so popular because with slight
adjustments it can make underspin, sidespin, topspin or no-spin, while the stroke will
look quite similar. The technique is demonstrated by Zhao Yiyi
from chuantt. This is a very effective service and it is
good for disguising the spin on your service. To perform the forehand pendulum serves effectively,
you should change the grip on the racket, then immediately change back to prepare for
the rally. This service is used to put pressure on the
opponent. You should add sidespin and then vary with
the topspin or backspin. First, prepare your position for this service. Turn your back. This is crucial because the rotation of your
body will increase the spin of your service. Some players don’t turn the back enough so
they can’t add enough spin and can’t make the deceptive service. Second, throw the ball upward and close the
body. The closer the ball to the body, the higher
quality your service. Your forearm should be relaxed. Please remember, it’s not the forearm will
make the ball spin, but it’s the rotation of your body and the acceleration of the wrist. So be relax! Some amateur players are too tense, hence
decrease the quality of the service. Third, lower the center of gravity of the
body. Contact the ball at the net height. This point is very important. If you contact the ball higher, the service
is high and can be attacked easily. If you contact the ball too low, you can’t
add enough spin to your serve. Look it carefully. This is the sidespin and underspin serve. And this is the sidespin and topspin serve. They look quite similar. Left: Sidespin Underspin serve. Right: Sidespin Topspin serve. They look quite similar. But if you want to do the underspin serve,
hit the ball sooner on the swing, contact the ball on the middle, near the left edge
of your racket. If you want to do the topspin serve, hit it
later on your swing, and contact the ball on the head of your racket. If you want to do the no-spin serve, contact
the ball near the handle of your racket because the velocity is smallest at this position. 3 tips to remember: First, use the wrist to
accelerate the ball. The faster you hit the ball, the higher spin
it gets. You should also use the body mass to add power
to your service. Second, the body, the forearm should be relaxed. The muscle is soft, not tense. Hit the ball near your abdomen. Because this position is near the rotation
axis of your body (the elbow is close to the body). Third, vary the contact point on the racket
and the timing on your swing to make your service more deceptive. This serve is very dangerous, so take the
time to practice it. See you, coach EmRatThich.

27 thoughts on “Table Tennis Tutorial: Forehand Pendulum Serve

  1. Merci Coach 🙂 ! What's the meaning of EmRatThich ? (sorry if you already have answered this question )

  2. Question: So what is the serve when you start on the side of the ball and go from left to right on the paddle in the same

  3. On a different topic related to serving, Can anyone translate the key points of which foot to use when finishing the serve ?

  4. This serve is amazing. I am a 1700 rated player. I practiced this serve for a bit and sometimes 2500s cannot read the spin because of so many variations in the spin. Thanks coach EmRatThich. You're the best!

  5. Her serve is not spinny enough. Too much arm movement and too little force from the wrist to accelerate the spin.

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