Table Tennis Training Secrets Revealed

Hi I’m Jeff Plumb from Today
we’re going to show you a routine from our DVD training secrets revealed. if you’re serious
about improving your table tennis you’ll want to master this routine. We love it so much
we’ve called it the PingSkills drill. This drill involves four balls. Starting with a
backhand from the backhand corner, forehand from the middle, backhand back from the backhand
corner and then a forehand from wide. This drill is good for a few purposes. Firstly
it starts to link together a few strokes. Secondly it teachers you to start to play
your forehand from that middle area. Thirdly it teachers you two differences to play your
forehand after a backhand. Firstly if the balls in the middle you don’t need to move
very much at all. But if the ball is wider to your forehand you need to move your feet
across to cover the ball wide on your forehand. In a game situation you need to learn whether
you need to move just that small amount or wide. So later on you can do a random drill
where you’re playing a backhand and the next ball can be either to your middle or to your
forehand. And you need to decide how far you need to move. To complement our DVD Training Secrets
Revealed we’ve developed the PingSkills training template. You can download it for free at
our website This training template allows you to effectively plan out
your training session. So what are you waiting for head over to our website now and get your
very own copy of Training Secrets Revealed.

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  1. In fact it needs only rather goodblock, I think players traing regularlt, I mean players who are not real masters, they can provide that!:)

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