Table Tennis Training Methods in China

Welcome back to my channel. What is the training method in China? Why Chinese
players don’t miss the easy ball? And why they are so good compared to other
countries? Today, let’s talk about the main difference
between the training method in China in the Western countries. But first, let’s hear the opinion of Jon Persson
(Sweden National Team) (Bronze medal of the World Team Championship). Question for Jon Persson (Sweden Team – Bronze
Medal WTTTC): “What is the big difference between the training method of
China and Western Countries (Sweden for example) ? Chinese players started very early to learn
the techniques. They do MORE
multiple-balls in table tennis than in Sweden. They have more simple exercices. They are more like “MACHINE” (in a
good way). In Western countries, they practice “too difficult”,
“too complicated” sometimes. “MORE MULTIPLE BALLS TRAINING” I’ve played and trained table tennis in both
countries, so I know well the differences. For beginners, Chinese training method is
better. For example, in France, the coach
has mixed up the training drills in one training session (for example, serve short and attack to the forehand side, and then drive
to the backhand side). It’s good. But the
players don’t have enought time to master each technique first. While in China, the kids started with a very
simple and one technique in a training session. For example, they will learn forehand topspin
during 2 weeks, until they master the techniques. That’s the “Machine” training, but in a good
way! As for learning something news, you need the
repetition, repetition until you have your own feeling. In France, some new players train with the
coach for 3 years, but the level won’t go up. Because they learn everything, but they master
nothing. So it’s up to you! Some players will say “Western training methods
can improve the creativity, the connection, and is less
boring”. Yes, right! But I want to say
even the top players (like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong), they want to have a better techniques, more powerful, more consistent,
to perfect the techniques. The only way
to do that is to do “multiple balls”. So not only beginners, but also advanced players,
multi-ball with a simple exercice is crucial to improve the techniques. The only and the best way to improve your
skills is to train correctly! And “focus on
the feeling” is my 1st tips. Look at those kids, they train hour to hours
with a simple forehand drills to get the feeling. You should also watch the video above!

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  1. I find learning one technique at a time is the best way to master it! just like you said. It gives time for the muscle memory to process the technique faster. If you focus at more than one technique at a time, you can get confused and blocked mentally.

  2. I'ts cool to train like this but in France you can't train like ??? thank you coach emratich .i learn lot of techniques with your videos and my fucking coach in
    Manosque sometimes when im in a match said me : yes i'ts good you do that you do that but when we train he never do an exercice for we master this think . Thanks coach emratich for your vidéos and don't stop to do that .

  3. Exactly! Learning the basics is like learning how to crawl before you can walk. You learn the fundamentals of basics by repetition until your muscle and mental memories are forever there. Then you can learn other things. Until you are proficient at 'everything'. Then you can add your own style and variety to improve even more.

    Even with the first kid that couldn't miss (the one wearing the blue shirt). The coach kept saying in Cantonese (the video was taped in Fusan). "Shorten your arms, correct your FORM, keep it faster and don't be nervous." It seemed that out of all the kids training. That first kid would be the only one moving on because he listened, he was 'focused' and probably the most consistent in the drill.

  4. hey coach,
    last time i asked a question you said to email me so I sent you an email can you pls look at it?

  5. Hello coach..
    I dont have a serious training partner or a good coach but i want to start from the beginning and build the consistency of my strokes so i can play continuously the same stroke like these kids fh topspin..
    What are your thoughts on a Returnboard?? Pls reply..

  6. Yo EmRat
    Can u make a video why the chinese use sticky rubbers and the european not (i know, its forbidden in europe).
    Would rly appreciate it!
    Have a nice daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  7. The Chinese adopt the Western method that the West abandons : 1) The KISS principle : Kiss It Simple, Stupid! 2) Practice makes perfect! 3) No pain, no gain! <—- No wonder the West gets defeated. The Chinese don’t defeat them; they defeat themselves. WTF! ★★★★★

  8. Kids here in Sweden don't have motivation and patience to play same drill for too long, it's a shame.

  9. coach my like was your 100th
    Thanks coach i feel to come to you and stay with you and learn from you

  10. Hi, I have to totally disagree that Chinese training method is better than Western European ! You do not take under consideration one simple thing , that most European countries has smaller population than medium size Chinese single city , some of them has 200 – 300 professional players only and even that they were able to produce players and teams which has successfully defeated Chinese national team and players ( Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, Belarus and more ) How good have to be their practice method ?
    China has 10 million players and Sweden has less than 10 million citizens , how good is their practice method to produce better player then Chinese ? There are few reasons why Chinese players win more often but not always even now (lost China open , World Cup) , the most important is huge number kids starting practice Table Tennis every year (millions !!! ) so after selection they can have thousands super talented young player in every age ( this is more than Sweden , Belarus , Hungary and Denmark combine have all players ) !!! Second is approximately three hours longer daily practicing time on tennis table ! Third is money invest by Chinese government in Table Tennis ! Chinese Federation invest more money yearly in table tennis than rest of the world combined !
    After all of this, China is able to produce four players which are slightly better then 37 years old Timo Boll or 40 years old Samsonov and tied with Ovtcharov , Chinese second team players frequently losing matches in Europe ! That super method needs 10 years and minimum 8 h a day to make 2500 – 2600 level player, in any European country, second division club with no selection, also needs 10 years but five times a week and 2h daily to make this level player !!!!!!! Kids are not losing education and when they decide not to continue professional they can continue study . What you call Chinese super training method in most Western democratic countries will be classified as a children abused . Chinese government can waste millions people lives and health to have Ma Long losing match with Timo Boll and Fan Zhendong with Ovtcharov in World Cup 2018 !
    Good luck with that method , I'm only sorry for Chinese babies 🙁

  11. I learned table tennis in this way when I was a child,and I don't think it's boring,I enjoy that espacially When I can have a very consistent long mutiple ball,I am proud of achieving that,and I can feel after this training I do improved a lots,even after a long time I don't play,once I restart to play a game with someone,I still benifit from
    my training,in chinese it's named 基本功(the basic ability).

  12. So for those who make the point that the Swedes upset the Chinese dominance with their innovations, I would ask one question. If Waldner and company had not gone to China and adopted their training methods would they have been able to develop their skills and techniques to the point where they could disrupt Chinese dominance? If you watch the documentary about the Swedish national team they make reference to the importance of their trip to China and the adoption of their training methods and work ethic, most notably the adoption of multiball as a training method. At that time I think that the Chinese were complacent and did not think that anybody could be a serious threat and thus made themselves a prime target for an upset when the Swedes came with their innovations. However, thanks to LGL, I doubt that will happen again, at least not for awhile. My main point is that the Chinese have a first mover advantage and that is extremely hard to overcome.

  13. Hi! Great video! I want to help you translate this video to russian language, but there is no english cc (closed captions) in this video. Can you add them to this youtube video?

  14. Hey coach! I'm very motivated to improve my table tennis, but I don't have a consistent practice partner to play with. What do you think is the best table tennis robot for its price range? Thanks in advance!

  15. Boy it sure looks like kids are having fun…western people were about to say training under harsh conditions. Lol

  16. Coach i like all you video share them and i had subscribed your channel before 3 years

    So please answer me 2 questions
    *How can I do more for your channel
    *I am so confused how should i train daily your told us footwork exercise but not all i surfed on google for lot time but i not got proper exercise routine and i seen your zhang jike's training episode but you did not told how much time i should practice each and i am an amature player so my all fundamental technique are not proper so please say how should i each stroke slowly so as to master all of them

    so in short please make a ping sunday video on all execice and on table training session

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