26 thoughts on “Table Tennis Training Drills: Zhang Jike’s footwork

  1. Fan's footwork is more stable( doesn't loose balance at all) but that's probably because the angle that Zhang jike has to play is harder( blocker is right handed)

  2. Fan Zhendongs footwork tends to be a bit more correct i think. Because Zhang Jike sometimes on the drill, its seen that he tends to move at the same time he starts his technique. Fan zhendong seems to move his legs really well first and then start the technique and hit. However for the physical aspect, they both have very strong legs and are agile as well..

  3. Tubby is a "typical" Chinese player. Concentrate on power while moving. Zhang JK is the more European player. Move and get in ready/stable position and execute good technique. Recover and move to play next stroke. Plastic ball is letting heavy-hitters to start winning points a lot more. Lack of spin is becoming a severe problem in the game. More agile and deceptive gameplay is giving way for too much power and more injury for the "weaker" player who doesn't try to win by smashing the ball on every stroke.

  4. Fan Zhendong extends arm during his back swing whereas Zhang Jike has a more angled arm
    This gives Jike more control but less power and vice versa for Fan

  5. Thanks for the video, personally i am not sure whose footwork is better. ZJK appears to be ready earlier and generally shows a larger body weight transfer than FZD, however FZD shows more "bouncy" movement which suggest better overall mobility and i think that the gravity center of FZD is a little lower. It would be great if you upload the video with the analysis from your perspective.

  6. I would have to say Fan Zhendong has better footwork because he is able to execute the forehands and get into position faster, their technique is about the same but Fan is much faster. In a game this will make a big difference when you have only milliseconds to react.

  7. Are there any videos that actually explain what "good footwork" really is? Like how are you supposed to perform such steps? What is correct, what is incorrect? Most of these are just vague descriptions to me.

    Videos: "See the great footwork he is displaying"
    Me: "what footwork?"

  8. To the question: who has the best footwork, my response is : they are both excellent! Very mobile, fluid, fast with the entire body working when hitting the ball… Difference is small with ZJK pushing hard on the ground, while FZD tend to lower himself a bit near contact…

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