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hello everybody welcome to everything gaming channel today I want to talk about how the Chinese train game Teletubbies I want to show you a regular daily training sessions in China national team [Music] personal one so always the Chinese tea as you know on earth begin the training session with a warm-up the Chinese player always top of the training session by the forehand to forehand gone up and then backhand backhand game this stage you can through the war and speed is the most important here trying to feel the ball and let the boss being down hit the ball very fast you can use can see how well jams into row taste is waste you generate the spin of the world the one heart session is to feel more and warm up the body to dump it to heart and try to steal the ball and cuticle the movement [Music] Chinese coach says that the movement is more important than the stroker you first move and then he after me down hit and move at the same time that’s why the movement is the most important training just after the one up after the warmup you should train your legs friend out to move correctly you can also see that how young she co-wrote a mystic and keeps waist to topspin the wall we move very very fast and he like many many small steps so you know regular in your daily training you should change the movement at least 50 minutes every day that is training will help you have a good habit to move before hit the ball look at here jeonggi to always move like a small tap in every stroke before forehand hit top spin or back end of being always smooth when Zhang Jie cool look at the list of all he look at his brother there is nothing to look at however it is the way we gain confidence you say that my techniques East ok is correct maybe my mother is red no interesting bad habit however that give you confidence there is no more sis ecology as fights red power from the round again I want to explain that why Chinese is so strong in table tennis because they have a fundamental method to move to hit the door and to use the power on the ground so look at here look at the focus only on jamming your legs he always likes small step and candidate so much in our rivers neck the left is the most important part integrity you slack and general the power tool so at the last minute a way to encode and hit at the right moment because it has very good time in table tennis pattern situation Freddy so this is the second of Chinese player they are very strong match situation because the heck trained for that specific situation every day 10,000 pounds they have confidence consistency and stamina so what is the pattern match pattern situation training passing situation is you repeat the situation every day and this situation will become your trainer so have you seen the tactics here geunji cook serve chopped to the middle and then push long to the oven and back end and then counter-attack this is a specific specific tactics if your opponent has a weak back end so jumped in to try and predict repetition is a key in table tennis they repeat the same situation ten thousand times and then gasps make you a good confidence and consistency in the shot and return the service training so after the pattern training this is service training the Chinese culture also says that the service and the return of service take more than 50% of the stroke of the strange in table tennis this is correct sir and attack me the most important aspect in table tennis Jung ji-hoon is practicing the back end flip the ball at the forehand side this is hip Weavile specialty he is very comfortable to flip the ball the short ball or the me long more at his forehand side watch it carefully you will see that the timing is very important but hand flip junggigo wait for half a second or two one second where the ball start to follow that he used is risk 250 ball Y which we should flip the ball at the early fall in stage because this is the moment that the speed of the ball is lowest it is almost fixed and further the speed of the ball has decreased so it is self to flip the ball now more consistent and you can keep the backspin autopsy involved at this moment before the spin has decreases so in subject returned remember consistency in the most important in service returned consistency is your friend however if even the word champion challenge Eco II is not perfect Chinese kashta on was firing away to improve his technique the head coach asked jungjie cool now to use forehand flick at least for enzyme instead of his favourite back and flick but it seemed difficult or challenging curve locally-owned said that logical should fix the moment that he flipped the ball he was not he was not fixing the moment that in football however do cool as fail to flip it correctly because you should train every day to master new technique so even for blue corner he had not free correctly however this it all should be is alright that waits the ball steady and three topspin the ball okay so now now she go and show that weights run the ball and keep repeatable very skinny but it is not very consistent we must illustrate wrong we want that damage equal fling or at the speed by using the list so here comes the boss who who is he do you know him I will explain new letter however in China the experience and transfer on generation to generation behind loophole they are married assistant coach staff given big boss to discuss about techniques tactics psychology of table tennis that’s why they always find a solution the Chinese team countered that difficulty Prison piece is kind gentle formal table tennis player and former head coach of China team from nine 1991 to 2004 he played an important goal in living the Chinese team to its turn back in 2007 he became the debility director of General Administration of sport he is the president of the Chinese Table Tennis Association and also Badminton Association and Football Association he’s a real big boss is very very powerful in the China Chinese sport Association however he has time to do one Sassin training session with the China Chinese tea so he were he explained to Germany to back against insulation short ball beforehand gotcha and serving longer to forehand look even he was very easy as a big boss in administration task is very fluid and very good in table tennis he flips the ball easily rotation speed and fluid he said that John Zaffino should stand closer to war to fit the ball with the people forehand track the ball here your body this will give you more control the elbow should be loud the feet when the ball is at the falling stage junggigo has hit the ball too late however the ball of jungjie feels very healthy but it is not as consistent as expected so this would train the his forehand flick in real match he prefer using his backhand flick because it is pissed facility so it ball still shots using drop shot junggigo dusted very well he touched the ball very early when the ball is just bouncing at the dancing face is like the ball very shot in all right Oh forehand flick the ball is much more difficult job Chico was very prefer but can hit this ball maybe Milan’s better than Ramsey who at forehand people [Music] inclusion times to visit and ontology Chinese team before the Olympic Games even John Zico is the world champion he is not perfect Chinese player always trained to be better never stop training for Earth return table tennis player we should focus on the timing when to hit the ball as we often get too hot just focus on big faster pattern but don’t know exactly when tweak the ball so timing is very important for us I’m a-tellin table tennis player to flip the ball good timing is you should wait a little wait when the ball is starting to rock wait it’s about half second when the ball is at the highest position then it will drop a little that’s the moment when hit the ball but forehand and backhand flip because at this moment the speed is reduced we don’t eat the speed of the opponent and the ball is very stable we can see clearly the ball so the consistent consistency of the width of the ball is increase to rock shot however we should touch the ball when the ball is about to bounce up but the early stage of the bouncing stage because the ball is lowest now and return the ball is is loud too if you rough shot two blades at the highest position it is difficult to make the ball love and the opening can attack the ball easily you should also practice every day the pattern situation for the real match this gives you confidence and consistency trying to attack first ball and the fifth ball so in everyday training you should practice your favourite pattern situation for example if you are for hands-free dominant player you should practice your people show shot to the forehand push long to the opponent by can and people to ball so you attack the fifth ball so practice the pattern situation you should also improve your movement don’t train too much the ball on the table don’t just forehand forehand backhand backhand on the table but train more the ball where you need to move play more fat people train your legs train how to move at least 15 minutes every training sessions so remember hit the ball by your legs and power from the ground these are the secret of Chinese table tennis in your daily training focus on the feeling the timing and the consistency this is the fastest way to improve your table tennis don’t just smash or hit the ball but you should spin the ball so hope you enjoy the video this is the regular training sessions of national Chinese table tennis team so we have loved see you in next video have fun everything gaming you you

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  1. rightly said about the volume… pls remove it, because we wish to listen to your explanations more than the music…

  2. Hi Coach Emrathich ! I really enjoy watching your videos and have learnt a lot from them, they also motivate me to become not only a better player but to remember that we can always improve ourselves just like how your English and video quality has ! My humble suggestion that I feel would help make your channel more professional and updated is if you could review, update and remake your older videos. This would make them more comprehensible and serve as a reminder for all viewers on the relevant skills and techniques, as table tennis is always evolving just like your channel ! Keep up the good work, cheers from Singapore 🙂 ?????

  3. EmRat you are amazing in your explanations. I feel that I have a coach that I can turn to for "real" solutions. Thank you for your time and dedication to the sport. Much Blessings !!!!

  4. The automatic tranlation text is not correct, I prefer read the text you give on screen, but it's too small to be read, pls make it bigger.. Thanks

  5. You know it has been said that Europeans/Westerners are stronger in terms of physique compared to Chinese players. Thus u would expect them to have more powerful shots than the Chinese. However this assumption is wrong to the extent that the Chinese are stronger than the Westerners and thats because they work longer and harder than non asians. In particular their strengthening regime is rigorous and results in a stronger player. This is the real reason why they are powerful stroke makers. Power from the ground is mostly flawed for explaining their power. If non asians worked on their physiques as much as the Chinese they too would have as powerful strokes as the Chinese. Also the Chinese have world class players to practice with . Even other asian countries dont have that depth. Yes.power from the ground as a technique explains power to a certain extent but if the Chinese didnt do any 'away from the table conditioning' even with power from the ground they wouldnt be much different in their stroke power with non asians. Also the Chinese are chosen as children to hopefully become world class players. In other words scouts select them based on skills and having the table tennis physique. All of this and doing 10,000 hrs to master every aspect rather explains their power BETTER than the technique of power from the ground alone. Besides, maybe their shots are not as powerful as you would think. I mean it may be an illusion in that until their strokes are scientifically measured how do we really know that to be the case. In fact when watching tournaments the average shot speed is often shown in the stats box and alot of the time there is no significant difference in speed with non asians at times seemingly faster!!….YEP HERE COMES THE BOSS. IF ZJK DOESNT GET TO IT HIS FAMILY WILL BE SENT TO THE COUNTRYSIDE TO TILL RICE!! (COMMIE PARTY POLICY)

  6. Ad ơi cái quả giao của shang kun bản thân nó xoáy ngang sang trái mà cai zhenhua thuận tay trái thì lúc giật vợt chống xoáy rồi còn zhang jike tay phải cho nên giật bóng sẽ bị tóe về bên trái có đúng ko

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