34 thoughts on “Table Tennis: Short pips vs Long pips

  1. I m a fan of your channel.I m using yasaka mark v (red) and tibhar grass short pims (black) with which rubber should I want to spin the .please say me the solution to my problem

  2. I am using Timo boll Alc blade with donic sonex gold on forehand and Tsp spectol short pimple on backhand. It is very nice combination.

  3. Sorry for posting two separate comments on this video but I’d like to hear some Opinions on OX, or spongeless, Rubbers. What do you guys like or dislike about them and what are they good for?

  4. I think short pips is a really interessting theme – especially because there could be some advantages for short pips with plastic ball. Would be nice to see more videos from you about how to play with it! Maybe also with short pips on backhand.

  5. Problem is that the short pips player did not play a block and counterattack game against the defensive player. Rather, he played a looping game, for which the pips are not well suited.

    What I liked in this video, is how they dealt with the edge ball. Such good spirit!

  6. Both are great players. They are old but still can play better than most of people at my club. Although the short pip player's serve is kinda illegal i think.

  7. 少見的良好乒乓削球手(叔叔

  8. Can you do a video on medium Pips like 563-1 and talk about the strengths and weakness of using this with a 1.8 mm sponge

  9. Medium pimples will beat both short and long pimples.

  10. Ping-pong is not a fair sport. It is the only sport that allows different equipment. I think there is a problem. Don't allow changes made by equipment, not effort.

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