table tennis shakehands grip

STEVE FOSTER: Hi there, Welcome to Today I’m just going to explain the Grip. So the general Grip we use
which most players use Not all players, but a lot of players use,
is the Shakehand Grip. So for the Shakehand Grip You almost pretend you’re shaking hands
with the bat (racket) What you do, is approach the bat(racket)
like you’re shaking someone’s hand And you want to have one finger
on one side of the bat (racket) And your thumb on the other side
of the bat (racket) With your fingers curled round the handle.
Like that. OK. A lot of players find, a lot of people, do end up putting their finger up, or
their thumb up on the bat (racket) I would advise NOT to do that But, if it does happen with the stroke make sure that for the next stroke you recover so you can play the next shot So if you do bring your finger up sometimes
to play a forehand Bring it back down
so that you can play a backhand And the same if you bring your thumb up
to play a backhand Make sure you bring it back down
so that you can play a forehand OK. That’s the Shakehand Grip.

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