table tennis shakehand grip techniques

Welcome to EmRatThich. Happy New Year ! Today is 01/01, our 1st Ping
Sunday in 2017. I will explain the most important tips / advices
of how to hold the table tennis racket correctly based on Chinese technique. This is the part 2. But firstly, I want to share with you a true
story … I’m the fastest improving player in my club. There’s an amateur young player who always
watch my training session. One day, I asked him “Hi Vic, how long have
you trained?” “8 years …”.
“What ! You have trained 8 years and still …”. I saw a sadness in his eyes
Another day, I watch his training session for beginner player. He is very motivated. But he holds his racket like this …
Vic can’t loop properly with this grip. He can only block the ball. Poorly Vic, it’s a waste of time to train
with this bad grip … And the coach didn’t correct him even during
8 years. Oh no ! He didn’t have enough time or he didn’t
want how to correct ? I feel sad and angry …
That’s is the true story that leads me to make this video. Before showing what is the good grip based
on Chinese philosophy, I want to discuss with you Your comment encouraged me a lot. Sometimes I just want to give up making videos. It takes to much time of my weekend to make
video. I do not want to make a bad video, but I also
have 2 young kids any many other tasks. I am very happy with your feedback and I continue
I have a problem and I need your advices. Please comment and I will decide based on
your advices. I don’t mean to put down others. I just want to improve the coaching as I know
the fastest way to improve is to show the players or the coach about their errors. But if it hurts I would stop it. I need your opinions. Now, I will show you the most important key
points to remember before holding your racket There are many good guides showing you how
to hold the racket correctly. For example: All about table tennis, PingSkills,
ButterFly Magazine, Killerspin, Greg Letts, Ping Pang Wang, Expert Table Tennis and others…. But it seems that these 3 key points of a
table tennis grip has not been clearly explained …
First keypoint, due to the hand anatomy, you can hold your racket by 2 muscle groups: Group 1: You hold mainly by little finger,
ring finger and middle finger (compartements 6, 5, 4) Group 2: You hold mainly by thumb and index
finger (compartement 1, 2, 3) Table tennis player are mainly taught to hold
the racket as holding a normal object by using the muscle group 1 (little, ring and middle). But do you know that the muscle group 1 is
also the extensor compartments of the wrist. By using the group 1, the wrist rotation is
blocked, less freedom. You can verify it yourself. Now, hold your index, ring and middle finger
STRONGLY and try to rotate your wrist from (left – right). If you hold your fingers very strong, you
can hurt your wrist ! Now try the group 2. Try to pinch STRONGLY by using your thumb
and index finger and try to rotate your wrist. You can see that the group 2 less affects
the rotation of your wrist. Your wrist has smore freedom with group 2. So please remember holding a table tennis
racket is different than holding an object. Try to hold firstly with only your thumb and
index (pinch). Using this muscle group will let your wrist
can freely rotate, which is very important in table tennis. Then slightly put your middle, ring and little
finger on the racket. The main applied force comes from the thumb
and the index (group 2) but not from the group 1. Chinese coach says that “If you hold the bat
correctly, someone comes from your back can suddenly pull it out of your hand”. That means you shouldn’t hold your racket
firmly, but hold it loosely and by the thumb and index. This is the best way to hold your racket,
as your wrist can freely rotate, and the racket is at the same line with your arm, which is
crucial to loop correctly. The second keypoint: Holding your racket as
compact as possible. Look at the photo, the finger are close together,
which makes a very compact and solid grip. There are many advantages of holding compact. First, the more you compact your finger, the
less uses of compartement 4, 5, 6, and more freedom of the wrist. Second, a compact grip provides a better feeling
of the ball as your fingers are close together, it’s clearer to feel the ball. Third, a compact grip makes a better support
when you want to apply pressure on the grip. Try to seperate your fingers on the handle
and you can feel that it’s harder to support your stroke, especially for BH to FH transition. You can understand now why Zhang Jike has
a very compact grip. A compact grip is crucial for him, as his
weapon is BH flip, BH counter attack which require an absolute freedom of the wrist. His BH-FH transition during rally is very
fast too. Please remember: – You should never hold your racket and block
your wrist. Using wrist is a must in table tennis. Use your thumb and index to hold your racket. Loosen your little, ring and middle finger
on the handle. – Make a compact grip. Put your fingers close together. Your index finger should be very close to
the handle. If you put it far away from the handle, it’s
easier to block, but not good to loop the ball. If you have a wrong grip. It’s time to correct it now. It’s very hard to change your grip after a
long time of holding a bad grip. However, if you succeed to correct it. You will discover a new horizon of your table
tennis. You will discover that it is much easier to
do some techniques that you can never do it before… If you are a coach, it’s much more important
to show your players the principle, the keypoints of holding a racket than showing “hold the
racket like this, hold like that”.Because if the player understand the keypoint, they
can improve their grip, and adapt their grip based on their playing style. That’s it for today. I will show the 3rd principle, and how to
hold a penhold racket Next Ping Sunday ! Happy New Year & See you, EmRatThich.

18 thoughts on “table tennis shakehand grip techniques

  1. Thank you, Coach, for your video tips!
    I'm trying to follow your advice on all wood blade and hard rubber combination. Could you tell me which rubbers and blades you can recommend that are inexpensive yet good enough for a beginning to intermediate shake hander? I live in Los Angeles area.
    Thank you!


  2. Hey coach …please help me .. M practicing a lot but still m not able to perform during match …I don't have enough quickness to hit shots from backhand to forehand or forehand to backhand suddenly .. so please make a video on how to increase quickness on table

  3. Hello coach ERT . Where the point of pinch position in table tennis bat ? . Little left or in the middle point ?

  4. Dear coach Emratthich, you’re such a great coach. The more I play, the more I realize and discover that your lessons are so true and worthy. After I applied this lesson (correct bat grip), my forehand attack has drastically increased its consistency and speed. You’re truly a great promoter of table tennis. Hope you’ll keep inspiring us this way. My best wishes for your future endeavors???.

  5. I am watching this channel for about two years now. The knowledge presented here helped me to develop my game and to become a much better player. Grip, timing, body movement, new trend in table tennis, footwork and "in pai" – all tremendously helpful. I even started to better understand the rubber "game" and thanks to the video on rubber and boosters (and the "new trend in table tennis" video) I am now using a hard, sticky Chinese rubber which is quite the exact opposite of what my fellow club members are using (factory boosted tensor rubbers). EmRat Thich is my #1 source for table tennis wisdom!

  6. Hi. I have problem with my forehand hold of the racquet. I hold the racquet nicely for the first return but as the rally goes on, my grip will become loose. Instead of only index finger, the other two fingers (middle and ring) also come in to support hold of the racquet. Due to this I am losing my forehand flexibility to play effective topspin and also back hand block. However when I play a backhand shot my grip or hold of the racquet never changes and the shot goes perfectly. I need your advice in overcoming this problem. Thank you for the videos.

  7. having the grip like this works great for my forehand but when i try and maintain the exact same grip for my backhand it just gets weird. the position of hitting the ball is super unnatural and i look crippled. My issue is the time that it takes to change grip and i don't know what i should focus or nor what kind of grip i should use for my backhand. Any tips would be great.

  8. Coaching is a tough job , but someone who does merit All respect . Those ready to listen will improve , the others will stand stationary . The seed will grow in good earth . Thanks for sharing.

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