table tennis ready position

Welcome to Today we’re just going to go through the match
Ready Position. So for right-handers, we generally say to
start slightly on the left side of the table. And also you need to give yourself a bit of
space from the table. So one way to do that is to have a slightly bent arm to put your
bat (racket) on the end of the table to give yourself a nice space away from the table. Also, for right-handers, we say to have your left foot
just slightly further forward than your right foot. You need your knees bent. That’s very important. A lot of players have
their legs completely straight and it’s very difficult to play your strokes and to move. Another thing is to have your feet slightly further apart than your shoulder width so that you have a nice solid base. And then using your other arm as balance here, having
your shoulders forward, and your weight going onto your toes slightly. And then your
bat (racket) in a nice neutral position, so you’re ready to play both backhand and forehand.
So that’s your ready position. For left-handers, it’s the opposite to what I said.
Same principle, but on the other side of the table. With your left foot slightly further back.
Like that. OK. So similar to the right hander’s position,
but you’re just on the other side of the table, but having the right foot slightly forward
rather than the left foot slightly forward, with space away from the table.

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