Table Tennis Rankings: Top 10 players (Jan 2015- June 2017)

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. This is the evolution of the top
10 Men Table Tennis players over time (2014-2017). The rankings data are
from ITTF rating system. How did I do that? It takes me 2 weeks for this 3 minutes-video. I code myself to collect the data,
debug, data correction, plot, smooth the data and render to the video. Hope
you enjoy it.

49 thoughts on “Table Tennis Rankings: Top 10 players (Jan 2015- June 2017)

  1. Thanks for the video EmRatThich. This really shows how much you care about table tennis and your viewers!

  2. Coach EmRatThich always puts in way too much effort in to his videos….he really cares for his viewers:)

  3. Wow, great job! Very interesting! Quite sad to see Wang Hao falling and disappearing tho haha, my inspiration~

  4. Beautiful work coach ERT!! You are a great fan of our sport, it's wonderful and besides you know very well how to use your computer. Yes, it will be great to see this evolution at the Waldner best period during the swedish tt domination and the little period where french team was at the top with Gatien (who was one of the speedest player and one of the most physical) even if his carreer was quite short. Thanks for all your videos you are unique!

  5. Does anyone know how one might create a similar data timeline? Do these things have a specific name? Are there any tutorials available online?

  6. man that is magnificent .

    I loved that u shared how much effort you made in this. but i assure you its obvious that it takes skills ?


  7. amazing, now they seem to be more stable… what about the new new ball at the WTTC, was it better than the old-new poly ball? I mean, players like choppers or penhold could play better with it?

  8. sad to note that more asian players getting into top 10 while europeans are sliding downwards and even out of top 10.

  9. This video had nothing to do with table tennis and everything to do with showing off your sweet coding skills. This is ittf's version too. It would be quite interesting to see the whole marvelous 12 from China thrown into the mix. Timo would be like 20th in the world.

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