table tennis lob backhand and forehand

Welcome to Today we’re going to look at the Lob.
Backhand and Forehand Lob. This is when you get forced away from the table
by the opponent who is attacking all the time OK. So for the Lob,
you’ll be further back from the table And what you want to try to do is to
take the ball when it comes to you by coming up on the ball
to get a nice high flight on the ball with a bit of spin,
so the ball kicks on the opponent’s side So for the Backhand,
we’re trying to get the body behind the ball and then the bat (racket) will come up on the ball brushing it this way to get a nice high arc With the Forehand we start a bit lower and then pick the ball up this way. OK Obviously some smashes
are going to be above your head so what you do is you just pick the ball up from there If they are a bit lower you just come up this way. OK. And now we’ll demonstrate.

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