Table Tennis Hardbat So Fun! Zhang Jike vs Yan Weihao

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Hardbat table tennis is so fun! You will
see in this video Zhang Jike laughing at Liu Guoliang hardbat’s skill. He is also excited
and shout “OK!” after winning one point. You won’t believe this.

14 thoughts on “Table Tennis Hardbat So Fun! Zhang Jike vs Yan Weihao

  1. we used to train with these when the institution didnt gave us enough material and we only had only one bat with rubbers. it was very hard to find them at that time. it sucked

  2. Coach, that is a sandpaper racket. We called that "liha" here in our country. That is the same racket used in the last World Championship of Pingpong in London where a Chinese Player won the event.

  3. Hi ERT coach. I have a very important question ! Some guys of my table tennis club start selling some TENERGY Rubbers with a very low price and he told he bought all them in Japan. When I check the rubber sponge with a jewelry loupe I notice it has not microporous like the Tenergy on the Butterfly Official page pictures. So I was thinking that rubbers was FAKE ones. The rubbers is exactly in details as the original and says "made in Japan" I would like you confirm if There are copies or clone Tenergy Rubbers? Thanks so much for your time !

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