Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Against Block Lesson

So now we are going to talk about the forehand topspin against block. Let’s focus on the things that we now we need to do with our
stroke the start position and the finish position. So you will see there that Jeff’s start position
is around hip high or a little bit lower and you can see that his bat is right next to
him and then his finish position is up and above his eyes.
If you just look at the position of his arm it is at a 90 degree angle, so the upper arm
to the lower arm is at a 90 degree angle. Jeff will just turn around and just show us.
That is the finish position for your forehand topspin. There also is a 90 degree angle underneath your arm. So your arm pit also forms a 90 degree angle. That is the finish position
for a forehand topspin. We hope you have enjoyed these lessons, and if you have got something out of it then pop over to and pay for the
lessons. You decide how much your contribution will go to helping us make some more videos.

100 thoughts on “Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Against Block Lesson

  1. Obviously these videos are for TT amateurs who want to learn the fundamentals. It is a given that in practice, strokes might look a little different. (In tennis, Nadal's forehand is different than Federer's).

    Potential world champions who need to tune their technique already have coaches. Pingskills never claimed to be a real coach replacement. They give qualified (and quality) free advice that helps you get the basics.

    You may want to tone down your criticisms of an olympic team a bit.

  2. yeah i mean im not bad at ping pong but if i play to much when i play tennis it feels like im hitting a brick

  3. Then that should have been said in the intro. Its deceiving. Of course we all as humans have different bone structures, lengths, etc. But 90 degrees is wrong in general.

  4. Its the same way vise versa too!!! If you play tennis for a long time and then go to ping pong i always over hit the dang ball!! xD

  5. i play badminton tabletennis and tennis all competitively and i have no problem with one of them affecting the other…

  6. my serve is sooo efective and easy i never saw someone blocked it sucsesfully
    i never use backhand always forhand
    wit that technolique i rape the enemy anal

  7. Thats the good answer to the shit from expertvillage lol.
    Keep the good work up guys!

    On Pinskill videos you can learn much as a beginner.
    And most important: They show a good technique and not that crap stuff like expertvillage xD

  8. your an idiot they're demonstrating not showing off and jeff plumb is an Olympian im sure he can hit way faster than you

  9. i rekon i get alot more top spin, power and higher bounce making it harder to return, all you have to do is follow through a bit more and incorporate your body into it giving it more power.

  10. if you throw too much of your body into it then you might get more spin and power but you lose control. Also too much will cause your recovery time to be way too long. If your opponent blocks your "monster kill shot" then you're pretty screwed if you're off balance and out of position. You'll be forced to block and then he'll perform his own kill shot.

  11. @remodrummer99

    If you're an advanced player you should hit the ball on its highest point. If you're a beginner, you should hit the ball when it's starting to come down.

  12. @remodrummer99
    Definately. The lower the ball gets, the more power you should play with if you want to lift the ball over the net. This doesn't mean you have to hit the ball hard. It means your stroke should be longer. Start a bit under table height, and end a bit above your head. The lower the ball, the lower you start and the higher you end of course.

  13. @gpapazoglou13 actually I think youre thinking of a lob shot. because I know for sure that a loop is not a defensive hit, but I just don't know whether its the same as a forehand topspin hit.

  14. these guys suck

    im better than they are ๐Ÿ˜€
    im srry bt its true dude :S
    i have never lost a ping pong tournament


    I would like to thank my sponsors Gatorade , Mas Vida, Milo and Garnier for sponsoring me XD (ty for the money)

  15. @Djoko1972 well actually i was joking, but im pretty good and i think im better than you, and the sponsors are for tennis

  16. @chinesecth ๆˆ‘ๆ›ด่ง‰ๅพ—ๆ˜ฏ้ฉฌ้พ™ๆฏ”ไป–ๅผบๅคšไบ†ใ€‚

  17. @ultrahan123 Hi, the best way is to start by serving the ball short so it will bounce twice on the table. Then you have a good chance to make the first attack. Also when he serves, try to return the ball short again so he cannot attack. Take a look at our lessons on pushing as we talk about the short push there.

    You can also try using the Ask the Coach section of our website where you can easily track all of your questions.


  18. Hi i've been watching pingskills videos. and they have helped me alot. but my only problem is returning smashes. i try to block but the ball flies away. what should i do?

  19. @yobmas722 If they are smashing a high ball then take a look at our lesson on the lob. This might help you. If it is an aggressive forehand off a ball that is not that high then you can use a shot called a block. We have lessons on the block for both forehand and backhand.

    Take a look at these lessons on our website and let me know if they help you out.

  20. @ultrahan123 hmm pratice your backhand block a lot, up until a point where u feel comfortable returning the ball wherever you want. And from there.. i think you know what to do ^_^ He topspin, you block to backhand (remember to add a little force and aim the angle down a little bit more) or you let him topspin one more, and if you do it fast enough, you should be able to force him to use backhand block or backhand topspin, then you just smash it on to his forehand. try it xD

  21. @ultrahan123 You also need to improve on how to handle topspin. For instance, you not only block it consistently, but also move him around, change the pace (drop shot, force block, normal block…), change the spin(chop block, side spin drop shot, in-side-out block, or a weak but strong topspin block which means at a lot of top spin without adding speed), even counter attack.
    So either he has really good loop or he pays for casual topspin. you add preasure to his top spin.

  22. @diskfrisker Yeah it can be difficult. Because of the backspin you need to lift the ball with a brushing action. Watch our video "Forehand Topspin Against Backspin" to see how this can be done.

  23. @diskfrisker It is tough to smash a back spin ball, largely because a smash is a "flat" stroke that doesn't generate much topspin and a back spin ball has great "back" rotation. Smashing a back spin ball is like trying to return a backspin serve with your paddle "open" and facing your opponent; the ball will grip the surface of your rubber and dive into the net. Like PS said, you have to "brush the ball" reversing the backspin into topspin, not hitting flat, stroke up, brushing the rubber ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. @jerbear938

    i know you're not asking me, but i'd say it's a matter of personal preference. If I were you use the chinese-style forehand loop, which, i think, is a little harder to learn at first, but tends to have a lot more power immediately after getting the technique right, whereas with european-style (the style in this video), you kind of have to learn how to add more power. Then again, you can still develop LOTS of power with the euro-style loop.

  25. @jerbear938

    If you'd like to know, I am a C-pen player (Chinese-penholder style player, which uses RPB), and I use Chinese-style looping, which has proven to be VERY effective, despite my noobish qualities. (I've only been playing for about 1 year and 4-5 months. I had a lot of trouble learning Chinese-style loop because there are very few videos/explanations of it.

    BTW, don't take my word for it on the euro-style looping stuff that I said earlier. I don't know much about the euro-style loop.

  26. @DaKrazedKyubizt The basic principles are the same. The start and finish of the stroke should be the same. Also try and watch as many videos as you can of the top Chinese players who use the Penhold grip. If you can get the picture of how they play in your head, it will help you develop the correct technique. In this case it is good to try and imitate their stroke.

  27. To all of the people criticising the technique of these players, they are puposely playing slower and more complacently to SHOW and DEMONSTRATE these various techniques so that OTHER PEOPEL can LEARN THEM. Thus, these videos are meant to be EDUCATIONAL rather than EXHIBITIONAL in nature. If you want to watch top notch performances, go watch these men in the olympics when they are trying their best.

  28. @diskfrisker

    You defeat spin with angle according to the great Japanese player and coach Ogimura, so when you smash a chop you need to open your bat (like a plate)…maybe start at 35 degrees swing through from hip to about collar bone height. This creates a forehand flat hit with very good pace. Note there is not much topspin on the shot so may times it is dumped into the net even if your opponent counters the ball. Hope this helps!

  29. @diskfrisker u cant , unless u have a very powerfull spin that will rise the ball , but the best way is not to smash , but to chop it back

  30. @HellexTV U can man if the chop lands short try hitting the ball flat it will work, but it doesn't always work… ๐Ÿ˜› i guess the angle of your bat matters

  31. @MrMr123avatar To stop the ball going over the back of the table, you need to make sure you are brushing the ball to generate topspin. It is the topspin that will cause the ball to dip down. You also need a decent rubber on your bat that can generate spin. It does take a while so keep at it!

  32. @nadal731 We have a video on the forehand topspin off backspin, take a look at that. Basically against backspin your stroke needs to be more vertical to help lift the backspin over the net. You still need a brushing contact. If they push the ball short so you can't play a topspin, your options are to push the ball or flick the ball. It is hard to continuously push the ball short so you usually don't have to wait too long for a chance to attack.

  33. @nadal731 you're welcome! If you have any more questions try "Asking the Coach" on our website. We check the questions there more often. We love talking about Table Tennis so it's a lot of fun for us.

  34. @Survive0The0Hell You don't need to. In fact the higher on the bounce you hit the ball, the better your angle to hit the ball onto your opponent's side of the table. You will need to brush over the top of the ball more than if you waited till it had dropped. If you let the ball drop then you need to lift it up and cannot hit as strong a shot.

    Does this help clear things up?

  35. @Rastaguy8 The topspin only is going to be a little more consistent, but adding some sidespin can make it harder for your opponent. I would recommend learning a fairly normal topspin without any sidespin first and then adding in some sidespin only after you can do that consistently.

  36. @nike1717 Yes the original technique HAD to be a full movement because the tabletennis rubbers were only really grippy. Nowadays we have rubbers like tenergy, you have to h it the ball only a little to get it moving.

  37. @nike1717 Great Video. About your comment I think It depends on your level. Timo and Zhang can play shots very fast and short, because they are elite level. For begginers it is better to start the stroke slow and wide to get more consistent, then with a lot practice they can finish as Boll or Jike…fast and short.

  38. which part of the paddle should the ball come into contact with and which part of the ball should the paddle come into contact with the ball?

  39. @handzrshouting Great question. We have a lot more room to discuss questions in the Ask the Coach section of our website. If you can, ask the question there and we'll answer it in detail for you.

  40. would it be a good idea to aim for the edge/white line of the net because of topspins upward drag? also to play this faster do i take longer backswing or swing faster? awesome vid,

  41. @Detherocable By generating topspin you can actually aim a bit higher. The topspin will drag the ball down and give you a bigger margin for error and hence your shot will be more consistent. To make the shot faster I think it's better to keep your swing essentially the same but just get your bat moving faster by using your legs, your waist, your arm and your wrist.

  42. how do i do a fh loop down the line and fh loop from the backhand corner digonally to my opponent bh court?i can do the fh loop crosscourt from the middle but the problem lies in down the line fh and backhand corner using my fh to hit to my opponent bh side,my loops n drive have sidespin on the ball.plesae advice as having sidespin on normall balls is wrong

  43. @MrMingyong24 Great questions. We don't really have all the room we need here to answer them in detail. The best thing to do is go to our website and use the Ask the Coach section. You can also search through the answers there. We actually have a video response on hitting your forehand down the line!

  44. @XCallXMeXmatt I don't really change my grip too much for the backhand compared to the forehand. I do use some wrist on different backhand strokes.

  45. Please Help me !!! ping skiils i am following your topspin method from 6 weeks but my topspin always goes out of the table what should i do.Please help

  46. It sounds like you need to get more topspin on the ball so it can dip down onto the table. What bat are you using at the moment?

  47. Are you using a decent bat that can generate spin? If so try getting more of a brushing contact as you strike the ball.

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