table tennis forehand push

Welcome to Today we’re going to demonstrate the
Forehand Push. So first we need to get into a forehand ready position
because we’re playing across the table So, like the Forehand Drive, it’s important to
get your feet in the right position. And usually it’s important to have your feet
just slightly further apart than shoulder width so you have a nice solid base to play the stroke. And for right-handers, having your right foot
just slightly further back to transfer the weight forward. OK. So the Forehand Push.
Firstly, the bat (racket) angle. You want to make sure it’s nice and open
so we can travel under the ball. And again, having a little gap
between the elbow and the body. You start the bat (racket) slightly higher
and then travelling downwards and under the ball You want to take the ball between the bounce
and the top of the bounce. So reasonably early. And turning into the stroke
from the right leg forward. OK. So we’re just going to demonstrate that.

3 thoughts on “table tennis forehand push

  1. This type of ball doesn't need push at all. This video is creating a wrong idea for beginners. Why don't you show when the push is actually needed.

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