table tennis forehand flick

Welcome to In this video we’re going to explain the
Forehand Flick. So as I explained before with the ready position. Start in the ready position. For the Forehand Flick,
with a short ball we need to step in. For right handers
we need to step in with our right leg. So for left handers
you’ll step in with your left leg. I’ll just demonstrate for a right hander. So firstly,
a little short step with the left foot. Then get under the table with your right leg. And then the Flick starts with your bat (racket)
close to the table, with a slightly bent arm, making sure that your head gets close to the ball. And the bat (racket) just travels
upwards and forwards, over and through the ball. So start from the Ready Position, I’ll step in,
taking the ball quite early or at the top of the bounce,
depending on how weak the serve is. And then you Flick over and through the ball. And then back for your next shot. OK. So we’re just going to demonstrate that.

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