Table Tennis Forehand Flick: 3 Tips to Remember

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, we learn the table tennis technique:
Forehand flick performed by Zhao Yiyi of Chuantt. This is the lesson number 4 in the series
of 10 table tennis lessons. Forehand flick is a difficult technique to
deal with the short ball on your forehand side. Some players tend to move further to the right
side and perform a backhand flick. However, if you don’t have a quick footwork,
you can do the forehand flick to return the ball aggressively. Today, Zhao Yiyi will demonstrate this technique
to deal with the short backspin ball on the forehand side. You have 2 options to deal with this ball:
1) drop short (passive return), and 2) forehand flick (aggressive return). To perform this stroke properly, there are
3 steps: First, you need to step your right foot forward the table. Your body should lean to the right side. Your weight is also put on the right leg. Watch the ball closely. Put your racket on the table, don’t pull it
back behind the body like the Forehand topspin technique. Because this is the quick and short stroke,
so you don’t need to pull your racket back. Second, contact the ball when it is at the
highest position (at its top bouncing position). Depend on how much backspin on the ball, you
can contact the ball at the position of 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock. If the ball has heavy underspin, contact at
4 o’clock. Then accelerate to the ball, lift the ball
and follow throw. It’s the quick action, most of the power comes
from the elbow and the wrist. Third, quickly come back to the neutral position. Prepare to attack the next shot, the ball
returned will definitely a long ball. And 80% that it will return to your right
side, be ready to attack this ball. 3 Tips to remember: Don’t pull the racket
behind your body. For the short ball, you must put your racket
close to the ball. If not, you can miss the optimal hitting position. This stroke is not the forehand topspin counter-attack,
you should contact the ball at a lower position, and lift the ball by the acceleration. If you don’t accelerate enough, the ball doesn’t
have enough spin and will go outside of the table. Use the wrist to add the acceleration, and
hold the racket loosely for this type of stroke.

18 thoughts on “Table Tennis Forehand Flick: 3 Tips to Remember

  1. how to pronounce the word "technique" ? Some site says the accent is the second, some says the first accent? /tɛkˈniːk/

  2. 3 tips, first step forwards, second hit at the high, third return to neutral position. Other than that, I like this, hit with acceleration.

  3. Thanks for the video couch, i'd like to ask for a video about advices and exercises for the footwork. Thanks again and good luck ^_^

  4. Good video tek nik. I like it. Working on it ASAP!

    Which one is important, sharp third ball attack or great on rally (play on distance)? Which one is a must train first as a weapon?

    Thanx Coach

  5. Summed for right handers
    1. Position: Right foot should step forward, leaning weight on right leg.  Put the racket over the table in front of you (like showed)
    2. Contact ball at highest point, contact 3 or 4 o clock (4 o clock if a lot of underspin). most power comes from Elbow and wrist.
    Important to lift and accelerate the ball for it to hit the table.
    3. Quickly back to neutral position, prepare next shot. [80% right side… if you sent it towards the left?]
    4*. When used against you, remember to send flicks back down the line. (aka, to flickers left side). 🙂

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