table tennis forehand drive

Welcome to Today we’re going to demonstrate the
Forehand Drive. So for the Forehand Drive
we must get into a forehand ready position as we’re going to practice this across the table. So firstly we need to get our feet slightly further than shoulder width apart so that you have a nice solid base.
So we’re nice and balanced to play the stroke. And then, for right-handers we generally say to have our right foot
slightly further back than our left So I would have my right foot just
a little bit further back than my left so I can transfer the weight forward And then with my arm, I try to have
a little gap between the elbow and body, so imagine there’s an orange in your armpit
And then I have an L shape with the arm, and I keep my bat (racket) above the table
and I use my other arm as balance with the stroke.
So to start the stroke, I bring the bat (racket) back and my weight transfers on to my right leg. So we start in line with the body, and above the table. And then, as I play the stroke, I use the
right leg to push forward, and my bat (racket) will come upwards and forwards
and finish just in front of my head here. And my bat (racket) is always closed
so that we keep the ball nice and low coming over the ball with the Drive. OK. So now I’m going to demonstrate with the ball.

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