Table Tennis Forehand Counterhit Lesson

Okay so Jeff is going to play some forehands
now and the basic things to think about here are your starting position, so let’s just
have a look at Jeff’s starting position with his bat nice and flat to the ball and his
follow through or finishing position is just up and to the middle of his body.
That same stroke can be used to hit the ball faster or harder or slower just depends on
how fast your bat comes through. Okay so now we are going to show you the start
position and finish position for Jeff, so that’s his start and finish, start and finish.
We will just get Jeff to hold the position there you can see that his finish position
is right near the middle of his body. the bat doesn’t need to go any further than that.
A Lot of the time players tend to swing through way to far with there stroke, out there really
not necessary in table tennis. If you have enjoyed our lessons then you can
decide how much you pay for them. Go along to our website and if you really like them
then make a contribution otherwise there free so enjoy.

95 thoughts on “Table Tennis Forehand Counterhit Lesson

  1. there is nothing really wrong with his followtrough.
    the technical development goes towards playing counter and loop pretty similarily.
    this way it's easier to play against spinny balls and it gets easier to switch to "full" looping.
    also, the trajectory of the ball makes it safer to hit the table.
    for somebody, who is not well coordinated, this can be difficult to learn.
    my experience as a coach proves this fact.

  2. We don't check here as often as we look at our website – so for any questions please go to the "Ask the Coach" section of our website. For the moment though try and look at the start position and finish position as shown in the video. If you get these basics right you are well on your way. The other thing to concentrate on is the angle of the bat. Good luck and don't forget to visit our website.

  3. these are home lessons but i stongly recomand 2 jusy go to an table tennis club and they also learn u the stuff there i dont say that this i wrong but its better 2 learn it from a trainen, and btw dont comment on my spelling i know its bad cant help it

  4. I was about to say the same until I saw your comment. It's just a personal preference and every player has a slight variation, so you can't say someone is holding it wrong.

  5. The counterhit imparts a little bit of topspin. To impart more topspin look at our videos on the forehand or backhand topspin.

  6. That sounds very similar to the shakehand grip. It certainly is legal to touch the rubber with your fingers. Take a look at our lesson on the correct grip to use. You can see it here on YouTube or on our website.

  7. Are you being a Troll on purpose? These guys are world class athletes and could be spending their time doing other things but instead they chose to help morons like yourself for free. do you see Michael Jordan or Lebron James posting free basketball lessons? No. so STFU and respect what these guys doing – at least they aren't faving videos called "show me your genitals". Now who's the weirdo you perv.

  8. ill pay u a dollar for how good i think the lesson is
    kiddin i dont want lessons its only for a skool comp

  9. hahahah… You can even see when the camera is from behind, that it says "Australia" on his shirt. Well, and of course his accent…

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  11. when he stops thinking about it he hits past his nose – past his left eye actually – contrary to the instruction to stop the swing up to the middle of the body. Also since the head bobs to follow the swing I think the follow through is a tad longer than described – I think it's unconscious though. Just an observation.
    But also the control is amazing

  12. Hi, dont you find Pingskill's motion very awkward and robotic as compared to the asian countries? Because there is a basic major flaw that will affect how you improve, and that is because PingS uses the uber arm strength and not the strength at the wrist and lower arm. If one were to use the upper forearm strength, it is hard to forehand loop at some points, and it even much harer to continuos loop, which is extremely important at international competitions.

  13. Another major flaw is the grip- the thumb is supposed to be more straight with a bit more of the fleshy pad gripping the handle, not the total side of the thumb gripping the handle, this is extremely important as if u curl up ur thumbs, u cancel ALOT of angles when u loop and cut, it is also much harder to change the direction of the ball.

  14. For the grip thing, u may google in wang liqin grip, u can clearly see how he holds the bat, other table tennis world champions like Ma Long do the same too. Now you know why Ma Long who played internationally for 1 month won Timo Boll who played internationally for so long. It is these basic major flaws which European Countries do.

  15. @ywexe Thanks for your comment but I have to disagree. I think there a lot of reasons why Wang Liqin and Ma Long are World Champions that relate more to their talent and the amount of work and dedication they put into the sport to become the amazing players they are!

  16. @pingskills do you think you could bring someone in to make a video on how to do the chinese loop and counterloop? I've been trying to figure it out, cuz i'm a penholder, and i'd rather be a penholder with a chinese loop. (it's mainly a style thing, but i'm really interested in how much different it could be from a european/japanese style loop). All i know is that you gotta use your whole arm. I can't figure out exactly how to use my whole arm effectively.

  17. @DaKrazedKyubizt Head over to our website and check out the Ask the Coach section. Search for "Chinese loop" and you will find a lot of discussion about it there. You can always leave a comment or ask a new question yourself. It is the best place to ask questions as we don't have any limitations on the length of our answers and you can easily look over all of your questions and comments.

  18. Yes u r right:) well I m just stating one of the many factors;)) I had been to some of the china training schools, they are secretive but they do emphasise on the basics of table tennis. The most important being grip, tightness of grip, muscles used during action

  19. Footwork, balance and even to minute details of where the free hand should move during pushes and loops etc. Drives should be totally perfected with all the basic criterias fulfilled before they move on to loops

  20. @hugorneto We do have a general lesson on the penhold. The technique is not that different for the forehand counterhit. The start and finish positions are essentially the same.

  21. @minicroat Pretty much. You can just twist your body slightly more so that now you are aiming down the line instead of across court.

  22. @Mrwally112 You're welcome. As we only have limited room here for answers it would be best if you used the Ask the Coach section of our website. We can provide you with a more thorough answer there.

  23. Wow, thanks for that, I'm sure a lot of people appreciate these little tips to table tennis

    However, just gonna tell you one minor thing. You're wasting a lot of your hips power when you swing because your arm is too close to your body, if you open up a bit, your shots will increase in power and retain accuracy. Obviously, your shots are going to go out at first, but give it one-two hours of practice and all should be well.

    Fellow table tennis player

  24. @Isaac668 You can definitely do that if you feel comfortable. A lot of players do have a bigger swing with their arm. You can also get away with a shorter swing due to the speed of the bats these days.

  25. @magib0p You're welcome. Make sure you check out our website too. We've got heaps of great information there too especially in the Ask the Coach section!

  26. wooow this video is awesome keep making more vids because ur good at it , thanks alooot this helped so muchhhhhh

  27. We will keep making more videos. I'm glad it helped. We've got a lot more videos on our website so be sure to take a look.

  28. What's up PingSkills team? Here's a suggestion for you guys:
    Try doing a video on counter-spinning. I looked on YouTube for this video but I couldn't find one. Spinning is one of the primary things a player needs to know. I played a match against someone, and he kept spinning his shots and because of this, I didn't know how to return them nor could I smash them, they go into the net most of the time. If you guys do make video on this, please let me know, I'm already a member on your site

  29. We have quite a few videos on our site regarding spin. If someone topspins the ball to you, you can return it with a block (search for block as we have both a backhand and forehand video). As you get more advanced you can counter topspin the ball, we call this topspin to topspin and also have a video on this.

    We also have a lot of videos on our site regarding spinning your serves and returning such serves. It's great your a member of our site. Try out the ask the coach section for questions.

  30. Always enjoys your videos and a long time subscriber. I noticed that I almost hit it like topspin drive even for normal counter-hit. Want to rectify it. Do you use wrist for this shot? Is it more like 'hitting' not 'gazing' (as for topspin)? Though it seems there are a slight amount of top-spin in this shot (which is inevitable). Are you taking the wrist slightly backward in the initial position and then ending up a little forward with the follow though? Sorry if my questions are unclear.

  31. You could ask him to feed you multiball. You can also work with him to improve his forehand so then you both benefit.

  32. You are quite right. As you get better you will use the counterhit less and less. It is a good stroke to learn, as the topspin is really an extension of the counterhit.

  33. Why do we use forehand/backhand counterhit for and what i the difference between these strokes and forehand/backhand topspin/backspin strokes?

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