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Nepal has been an amazing experience for me, coming to this country for the first time, experiencing the culture and how amazing the people are that live here are, and for me it’s been great to see everyone united after such a tragedy. My feeling getting to play in such an area of Nepal, especially after the quake, was really amazing. And to play on a table outside with Nepalese para players and national team able bodied players was amazing and the crowd that came to watch was really good and it was exciting to have so many people here and spread the love of how amazing table tennis is. Table Tennis for Nepal is a project from the ITTF together with the United Nations to promote the practice of table tennis for people with a disability. We will provide table tennis classes for children with a disability during 3 years in six different venues all over Nepal. We are also helping to rebuild some of the table tennis centers after the earthquake In one in particular in Kathmandu, the architect and the designer of the rebuilding is a gentleman in a wheelchair by the name of Deepak K.C who is also the president of the Nepalese Disabled Table Tennis Association. So this is a great example of “One Sport One Family” which ITTF is pushing to include worldwide. My Name is Nikesh, I am 12 years old. I live here at Khagendra New Life Village. And I like table tennis very much. I play sometimes table tennis and sometimes reading, playing computers. My name is Milan Paudel, I have been living here for 10 or 11 years and I have no mother and no brother. My life is table tennis! And my aim is to be singer, I will be the best singer in the world. For this project the Korean government, has spent 120,000 US dollars for this project. And also the ITTF funded this one and the UNOSDP provided technical services. Unfortunately, last year there was an earthquake and this facility was very much damaged. But finally, today we are celebrating the opening of this facility. And our project Table Tennis for NepALL is being launched today. Table tennis for Nepal is very important due to the fact that we can use sport as a tool for development and peace also in this country. We have to see all over the world that we integrate and not isolate people with a disability. And in table tennis you can do it in a wonderful way. This is something that I really like to do; grass rooting that supports people working in sports, and respect each other through sport, become friends through sport. with or without a disability – it doesn’t matter. For me I play table tennis at a competitive level, so I am competing at the Olympics and the Paralympics, but I also remember when I first began it was all about the fun and enjoyment I had and it was great that here in Nepal that’s still alive. It’s my personal hope that this program will lead to greater integration of disabled people within Nepalese society, but also serve as a model for other countries worldwide to do similar programs. We also want that society sees people with a disability in a different way, in many cases they were staying at home. And through sport they will show that they can also do the same things. Probably in a different way, but they can practice sport and they can have a normal life, like anyone. So how old are you? I’m twelve years old Twelve? And you? And You? I am… What do you think? I think… hundred! Hundred? haha

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