Table TENNIS – ‘Fact File’ 2015 Scottish Disability Sport

[Martin Perry] My name is Martin Perry, I’m
20 years old and I play table tennis for Great Britain. When I was born I was born with only one full limb, which is my right leg. My disability
doesn’t hold me back at all when I play table tennis.
I’ve managed to have a prosthetic leg made that enables me to move around the table as
fast as I want, and I’ve also got a prosthetic arm made that’s solely for table tennis.
That’s the only prosthetics that I use, I don’t need anything else. So my disability
certainly doesn’t hold me back. There’s always ways that you can get around
a disability. Stuff can be modified so that you can utilise your disability to actually
help you play sport. [Terry McLernon MBE] Drumchapel Table Tennis
club is very inclusive. If you’ve got a disability and you come to the club, we will look to
see what disability you’ve got, we will help you adapt to the sport, whatever you need.
If we’ve got an amputee we’ll find something that adapts so you can learn to play.
If you’re a wheelchair player, we’ve got wheelchairs that are actually suited for table tennis.
So the range of disabilities is ok, we will manage that and manage it for you to make
sure you get to enjoy the game, and get to a level that you can get to.
[Martin] One of the best things about table tennis is the buzz that you get from playing
it. There’s a real excitement in every hall that has table tennis in it.
You know, you develop loads of physical skills like speed, agility, stamina, hand-eye co-ordination.
But what really inspires me is the fact that I can now, having watched the Paralympic Games
in London, watched the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, I know that there’s a bigger picture
for me. There’s something that I can go on and achieve
that’s greater than myself. So to have that inspiration to go on and compete at the highest
level, really inspires me. [Terry] Since I’ve been involved with SDS
through table tennis, I’ve done summer camps for them, we’ve done ID days, and then when
we find the people who are interested in playing we invite them to our club, or a club within
their area. They might not come from Glasgow where they
could get here and practice here, so we look where the clubs are, give them the information
and hopefully the clubs can take them on and get them playing for us.
[Martin] I’ve always played sport, it’s always been part of my life. I didn’t imagine that
I’d be playing for Great Britain one day, especially in a sport that I’ve only been
playing for four years. My recommendation to anyone with a disability,
or anyone who knows a person with a disability, is to get them in contact with Scottish Disability
Sport and they will find a sport that suits you, that you love, that you want to get involved
in, and that you can progress in.

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