Table Tennis Coaching Videos For Beginners “The 1st Ping Sunday”

Welcome to EmRatThich Channel. Table tennis is beautiful. I thank you for your support of my
table tennis videos during 2016. From now, I will focus on table tennis to
give you more quality videos. I will upload table tennis videos EVERY SUNDAY
! I call it Ping Sunday. Subscribe to have entertaining table tennis
tips every sunday ! Stay tuned !
You can click the Subscribe button over there. But first of all, I wish you have a very nice
Christmas this winter with your family and your friends. I hope you continue watching my videos for
more fun 🙂 Be healthy, spin the ball, and make fun by
playing table tennis … Best wishes,
EmRatThich I will answer some of your questions now. You can ask me any question by posting your
comments on the Youtube channel or my Facebook page. A: Yes, thank you for your advice. I’ve made the captions bigger this time. Merry X-Mas ! 🙂 A: Good job ! You have improved so fast just
within a month. And now you have more fun ! Asian
guys are good because they have a good coach. You will improve fast too as I will be your
coach. A: I have many questions about equipments. I will make another videos about table tennis
equipments soon. If you want to improve fast, don’t choose
carbon blade. The speed comes from
your hip but not the carbon layer. Choose a stiga blade without carbon, or Timo
Boll w5 is also good. Timo Boll w5 is a 5 plies blade with 5.8mm
thickness, a good control blade. A: Multiball is very important in table tennis. It is the exercice, that multi ball, several
balls are feed by the coach, and the player learn the
technique by repeating the same movement, the
same gesture. Multiball is the best way to improve your
technique. A: I’m a vietnamese playere. Now I live in France. I play table tennis with my chinese friend. We learn
together the chinese philosophy about table tennis. I also coach young/developping player in my
club. I’ve read many books about table tennis tactics,
techniques and mental training aspects. I want
to share with you and hope you enjoy table tennis with more fun. A: Chinese rubber is hard and suitable very
well to loop kill the ball. However, to smash the ball,
you need something “springy” to reduce the time the ball stays on the rubber (called
dwell time), and the ball speed is faster. That’s why the Chinese players tend to turn
the rackquet to the red side (more springy, bouncy) to smash the ball. A: I really like this comment. You are right, I miss pronounce the “opponent”. It should be said as
/?’p??n?nt/. Thank you very much. Your comment will help making better quality
video. Please
correct me more. A: You are right. Chinese coachs are preparing for the next
generation of defender. It is harder
now to spin the plastic ball. So it’s the era of the “speed” in table tennis
in next few years. Chinese are forming a new penholder/pimple
attack to fast attack on the table and defend on
the backhand. I think this playing style will dominate the
table tennis in the near future, especially for the female players. I will analyze this in the next video. SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY ! 11 December 2016 !
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26 thoughts on “Table Tennis Coaching Videos For Beginners “The 1st Ping Sunday”

  1. Thank you for the great videos.
    Can you show a picture of your face so I can put together in my imagination your voice and face?

  2. Hi! I love your channel! My question is how do you beat hard bat players? I'm talking about the players that use paddles that does not have sponge. Thank you!

  3. Bạn ở thành phố nào của Pháp vậy. Mình cũng ở Pháp và rất thích chơi bóng. Nếu có dịp rất mong gặp gỡ giao lưu học hỏi kinh nghiệp từ chuyên gia!!!

  4. Hey EmRatThich!

    I have a question. Please tell me how play against left handers?
    And also merry xmas for you!

    Sincerely PPM.

  5. Hi i just started table tennis again and I like your videos very much. I want u to ask u something, because you sound like an expert to me. I got a carbon tamca 5000 with 2,1mm donic x1 platin red and black side. the blade and the rubber are of course both off+ speed. Im a agressive player. At the beginning i had alot of problems for about a week. After the first week I got used to this equiptment because I played for some years before and my body remembers many things already again. But my old equiptment was about 2mm forhand 1,8mm back with some older coppa rubber and all+ blade. Now I got the problem that I sometimes fall in my old playstyle, where I used more my hips to get a better forhand topspin. And If I use it to powerfull I dont get the ball on the table . This problem was in the first week a huge problem to me. Now I learn from day to day to get more controll of the blade and rubbers, my topspin looks much better now. But Im not sure, though this blade could stop me from getting faster results to my full potential. Im already bout 29years old, Pro player is not possible, but I want to become the best amateur player I can become. What is your opinion bout my equiptment now. Should I play as long as I get better with this equiptment and the moment I get to a plateau thinking about buying new equiptment.I didnt reach my old lvl yet. It will takes at least 4-xx months I guess. Or instantly stopping playing with this equiptment and buying some different blade, rubber or even both. We train only with the new plastic ball and my spin isnt the same like before. And now I come to my second question. I feel like hitting the ball faster with less rotation gives me bigger winning chances, than trying to hit the ball slower with full rotation (spin). Of course because of the new plastic ball and obviously less rotation possibilities. My blocks are very good with my tamca 5000 donic x1.I block of course very fast back with a already high controll. The lack of my controll comes only if I push the ball back to a backspin strokes. I hope u know what I mean. If I look for my word in English it means only "to push" But I mean the German word Schupfball. Thats my biggest problems right now. I cannot "schupf" very well with this equiptment 😀 but its getting better. AS I said im an agressive player so I dont "schupf" often back

  6. could you do a video on how players have such incredible footwork and their micro movements they are constantly doing with their feet?
    edit: really love the videos by the way. Your analysis is very deep and I don't think there is anyone out there making table tennis videos of this quality. Thanks!

  7. I've already used the all wood blade (Stiga Hybrid wood) as following your advice, and I attached Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and Tenergy 80 on BH, but after using it for 2 weeks, now I decide to used them reversely, because My FH feel not so convenience, i feel I hit too slow and need more power, and the blade is heavy (198 gr), and I feel convenience to used Tenergy on FH side. Does it mean I don't use it optimally? Thanks

  8. Hi! How do I keep my shoes' soles grippy. I do step in wet towels and then dry towels but that becomes very frustrating and repetitive. IS there a way I can make my soles naturally grippy again, without having to step in the paper towels every couple of points? Thank you!

  9. Thank Hartley Taslim,
    Yes I live in Jakarta. Thanks for your advice for using Chinese Rubbers like H3-50 or H8 and Skyline 3-60… If you use Chinese rubbers as such tacky and slower than Japan/Europe rubbers, does it need all wood blade? or Can I use carbon blade as good as all wood one to get good performance? I Try also Stiga Sense 7.6 using Tenergy 80 on FH and Skyline3 on BH and I feel my playing performance better… if you have any experience could you share me? thanks

  10. Dear Hartley Taslim,
    Thanks for advice… All my blades are Stiga (since Stiga is my favourite) I have Maple wood 5, Intensity NCT, Clipper CC, Hybrid wood and last one I bought a month ago was Sense 7.6. Which one of those blades is similar to TB ALC or TB Spirit? I,ve tried my friend's Viscaria

  11. I started playing table tennis again after pausing for nearly 30years. Found some great informations about gear and technic on your channel. Thanks for all the work you´re putting in. Looking forward to the upcoming videos. Merry Xmas.

  12. Hello Coach Emratthich, I am a true fan of table tennis since a was very little, but always did other sports like football and muaythai, I had a table at home when I was a kid and I played a lot (not in a club) in highschool we had a table there and I used to miss class to play with the janitor of the school who was a dutch national player, he tought me a lot during 2 years. Today I want to start playing in club for the first time, I went there and borrowed a bat wood allround beginners blade with vari spin rubber, it felt good and I even tried a off- blade with tenergy05 rubbers, the coach said I had a very natural attacking style with lots of top spin and counter top spin, and a good dominant back hand. I asked him abojt what kind off blade I should buy for myself considering my current technique and level of tt. He was not very able to answer my question and proposed almost 5 or six different options for rubbers, three different options off blade. I thought of your videos, (to wich I just subscribed to, I am a big fan!), and felt like this coach was maybe equipment junkie a little too much, so I want to, ask you. I am offensive player, good power but I lack confidence in my hits sometiles when I want to hit hard I am scared, good wrist for spin, my footwork technique is not good yet, and my back hand has more dominance in my game (good flicks, good counter spin and spin close to the table with bh but lacks power away from table and if I hit hard I cannot spin and control good). Sorry for all this information, now the question, what do you think would be a good combination of blade and rubber to buy ??? thank you for your time and attention, take care.

  13. Hartley Taslim,
    Thanks for reply, You're really a Butterfly fan… I like sharing about table tennis with you, and you can contact me on my email : [email protected] and then I'll give you my number and we can chat on private…. thanks

  14. Congratulations for yours videos, I saw a lot of them and they help me to improve my technique. I just started to play table tennis again after 16 years and a lot of rules and materials has changed but your video "Chinese Training" works perfect for me…I am amateur but the tips "feel the ball" and "relax-explode-relax" improve a lot my forehand, specially my top spin…I am penholder and my Idol is Liu Guoliang but nowadays nobody play penholder with shorts pips…I know He Zi Wen. I play with Stiga Clippa and I feel it very confortable….do you know any similar short pips in any Chinese brand to try it?…in my backhand I play with a Xiom Vega and my blade is a Stiga Infinity….this combination is very good to feel the ball…and is very good for me but I would like to try another pips.
    Thank you and please upload more videos…Happy Christmas!!

  15. hi coach, i begun watching your videos recently and already learned a lot about loops. hope ill be able to use it on games. however, as for training those loops, do you have a video on how to use a robot for training? that would be great. thanx for your work for the tt community, it is greatly appreciated here ! 😉

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