Table Tennis Blades DURABILITY. How long the blade may be used until wears out. Carbon

Hello! My name is Aleksej Sypachevskij. And this is channel TT-Maximum. Today I want to tell about longevity of blades. As I’m frequently asked about it. As for wooden blades, there is any longevity. If not to destroy it by punching up
on tables, walls or whatever, not to fall on the bag with blade to break it, etc. if just to play with it, there is no longevity The blade which is not broken, it may serve for 30-40 years, After 40 years, blades often begin to crack, but more often, they are just
broken, crashed, sold or lost, whatever. So, wooden blades have no longevity, as you may harm, break or crash them, etc, but there is no wear and tear. Carbonic and other composite blades are a bit different. Some professionals, but not every, say, that with time after using carbon blade, carbon breaks through and characteristics of blade change. It’s not often bad changes, some even like the
blade, he played several years more than new one. But not everyone agrees with it. I think it depends, first of all, on
sensibility of people, as it differs. And secondly, under carbon we mean
different variants and kinds of carbon fibers, that is, there is huge number of variants. And I don’t know exactly, but
suppose, basing on these observations, some kinds of carbon may with time
crack or after long sharp loads even crash. But obviously, not every. ’cause there are lots of carbon blades, which are used for years and there is no complaint by users. Such is situation with blade longevity.

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