Table Tennis Best Points 2018

Top 10 Points | 2018 No! Come on! What! Timo Boll!!! What can’t he do? Are there any limits? Does physics apply to this man? The hand switch, counter loop. Look at this! Hooking side and top, a ripping backhand from off balance a fanning shot – that’s a forehand from the backhand side! Oh! A marathon point! Not for a moment did they stop! What!!! Mima Ito! We all thought the point was over, Ito’s like well I gotta go for it. Gets down near the net, watch this one more time. Slap shot right back, punishment! Second serve, three game points for Fan Zhendong. Oh no chance, Vladi leaves it on the table and the crowd’s gonna love that. Fan Zhendong thought he had it, watch this one more time. The big shot, oh took one extra step and there was no recovery from that. Look how high this one is. Top 10!!! Unbelievable point! Koki Niwa scrapes the ceiling on a few of these, counters with the backhand from behind the table! Out of this World! Koki Niwa calm through the whole thing! Oh! Outstanding play! Welcome to the highlights! Co-commentator: Unclean serves that he’s done, that what the umpires are saying. Commentator: No, I understand. Commentator: Xu Xin!!! Seriously though!!! Look at Wang Chuqin’s face, Lin Gaoyuan! We talked about the playground, I mean kids be jumping right now How can you do this? This is the best laughter I’ve seen from the crowd, I’m on my feet up here! Watch one more time, sidespin, recovers the edge with the heavy side, reverse pen-hold, around the net! If you’re a fan of table tennis related content, subscribe to the channel and make sure you have notifications turned on!

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