Table Tennis Backhand Topspin

Jeff is going to demonstrate the backhand
topspin with the starting position a little bit lower than you would for the backhand
counthit and the finish position a little bit higher. So up at eye level or even higher.
The start position when you are playing a controlled backhand topspin can be quite in
front of you. As you start to get a little bit faster with your stroke you can start
to swing from a little bit more outside your body. So for a right hander outside your left
hip. That allows you to swing a little bit faster. So the basics for the backhand topspin
starting with your bat quite low down about table height or even lower and finishing up
above eye level. After hitting some backhand topspins you can
see here where to ball has marked Jeff’s bat, that region there is probably the prefect
area for you to hit your topspin.Here you can see Jeff swing through from below the
table height and finishing above eye level or above head height. You can see Jeff’s feet
position is quite square to where you want the ball to go. This is the especially good
for a control backhand topspin. Later on if you are trying to hit the ball a lot faster
you can start to turn you feet a little bit more side on or just turn your wait to generate
that power.

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  1. Since the ban on speed glue I have been using Butterfly Tenergy 05 on both sides. Still you can't go too wrong using Sriver or Mark V. In fact don't worry too much about your rubber. Choose some rubbers from a reputable Table Tennis brand and then focus on improving your technique. If you have any other questions try our Ask the Coach section on our website.

  2. I'm not sure about all of the reasons but the health reason has definitely been mentioned a lot. There is some skepticism about the real health dangers but I think it is better to be safe than sorry!

  3. We have just filmed a lesson on getting sidespin on your forehand topspin. We will be uploading it to YouTube in the next few days so keep an eye out for it.

  4. I've spilt some speed glue on my hands before and it never caused me a problem. There is a lot of debate about the health risks of using speed glue. I'm actually quite glad about the ban. It used to take a lot of time to glue up the rubber before every match. And now the Table Tennis companies are developing some really good high tension rubbers.

  5. Try watching the video again and imagine yourself playing the stroke. It is often best when starting just to imagine the start position and the finish position. Then make sure you are getting the angle of the bat correct.

    If you have more Table Tennis related questions then try out the Ask the Coach section of our website!

  6. back hand topspin involves significant amount of wristwork than arm work to get more spin faster, bcoz most of the time you won't get that amount of time to swing your arm.

  7. what are you talking about? Look at Samsonov, Persson (tall people) or look at 5th game 9-7 point in the now classic Ma Lin – Kenta Matsudaira match from WC. THAT's backhand loops, and do notice where he finished all of them

  8. So make a video explaining it then hot shot…. It's easy to talk trash in youtube comments, but let's see you put it to practice and make your own video….

  9. I need to improve my backhand topspin cuz that's is my main style in table tennis and also a left-hand type. I really need to work on my forehand cuz it suck. The only time i use it is when the ball is out of range with my backhand.

  10. I can do Backhand Topspin but I suck at doing Forehand Topspin.
    I really think the Backhand is much better!

  11. The feeling of hitting the ball hard and accurate over the net is so amazing when you get everything right and keep doing it. Brilliant.

  12. @pingskills before that used to happen to me too.but i figured out when loop near the table you have to loop the ball with a 45 degree angle and you have to hit it before it gets the its highest poing.when playing far from the table you can hit it at the highest point or let it drop a little.right?

  13. @sisDelo They are all great questions. There is not a lot of room to answer here so the best thing to do is use the "Ask the Coach" section of our website. The great thing about doing this is that all of your questions are recorded so you can look back over them whenever you want.

  14. Hi im using long pimples for my backhand so i just want to know if i can use this method to attack for my backhand and if no,how do i attack with my long pimples?

  15. @harry1549 No. Long pimples don't have much friction so you can't really generate your own topspin. Long pimples are generally used as a defensive rubber.

  16. @TheRambo165 Begin by concentrating on the start and finish position of the stroke. See if you can get someone to feed you multi-ball by hitting ball after ball to your backhand so you can hit a lot of topspins in a row to get the feel for the stroke. By getting the start and finish positions correct you are well on your way to having a good backhand topspin.

  17. is it bad if i dont flip my paddle around to do the backhand, because i just use the same side has my forehand topspin

  18. @Sk8ingGuitarplayer If you are using the shakehand grip then I would recommend using a different side of your bat for the backhand and forehand. With the penhold grip you don't need to do this unless you want to use the reverse penhold backhand.

    If you want some of your questions answered in detail then try out the Ask the Coach section of our website. We have more room to post answers there.

  19. okay, well i have a robot at home, and i can get crazy topspin forehand, and i can chop, and get sidespin both ways backhand but I just can't get topspin. My friend can get crazy bankhand topspin, he says when I do it I push too much, and he does it the same way as you do, but he can't get me able to do it, sometimes it works if i just bend my paddle and flick my wrist up but when I try to do it more like how u do in this video, i feel pain in my shoulder, am i doing anything wrong?

  20. @Compantino Well, there actually kinda is. People have their own styles of technique but if a person has wrong technique they could get in a bad habit and have trouble with some shots.

  21. What about backhand topspin to backhand topspin? Do you have a tutorial of that? Because I know with it your bat has to start below the table

  22. @Compantino Yeah, thats what I was trying to say – as long as it works. You just said it better 🙂

  23. @byronsrock4 That is true, we do tend to focus on the shakehand grip as that is what both Alois and myself use. We do have one video on penhold techniques and a lot of the principles in our videos apply regardless of your grip.

  24. @abaysaleharami Good question. If the ball is short so that it would bounce twice on the table then you can't play the backhand topspin shot like this. You need to look at playing a flick or a push. We have videos on both of these strokes on our website.

  25. Is a soft paddle being used in this video? If I use a hard paddle, can I still get this much topspin on my backhand? You look like you're clearing the net with a lot of room, but when I try to hit a topspin backhand, it just barely clears the net (doesn't get much spin).

  26. supposing the ball reaches the top of the bounce at the edge of the table then how high is the racket to be held ? and what angle would be best for the same?

  27. @Detherocable Thanks for the question. The best thing to do is to go to our website and use our ask the coach section as we have much more room to answer your questions there! if the ball is higher you can use a more horizontal stroke and when the ball is lower you can use a slightly more vertical stroke.

  28. my stroke is okayish… but then i cant get it too land on th table too often… do i brush the ball less like in a loopdrive or make the stroke more forward?

  29. @Detherocable You want to get plenty of topspin which gives you the margin for error. To do this you need the brushing contact. If you getting lots of topspin but the ball is still going long you need to have a more forward stroke.

  30. @avrnic04 its not that bad to be honest, ive done it…now imagine playing 6 hours of tennis in any pants/shorts in 106 degree weather
    and im really not trying to have a fight here, soooo…

  31. @abaysaleharami I was using Tenergy 05 when we filmed this video. Now I'm using a PingSkills Touch blade with Vega Pro rubbers.

  32. the most difficult is timing. if you take it too early it will get unwanted deformation or if you take it too late it wil be hard for your shoulder to pick the ball up.

  33. It is a compromise. If you take it later you have more time but if you take it earlier you give your opponent less time. The peak of the bounce is a good place to hit it if you can.

    If you've got more questions about this try the ask the coach section of our website as we have more room to answer questions there than here in the comments.

  34. Yes I do. It's really important for your footwork to have Table Tennis shoes. We even made a YouTube video on it. Just search for PingSkills and Table Tennis shoes.

  35. @PingSkills hey im having problem with timing i think with my backhand i always seem to hit the edge of the bat instead of where i should contact it how do i remedy this problem

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