table tennis backhand push

Welcome to Today we’re going to look at the
Backhand Push. So start in your normal match Ready Position
which we looked at before For right-handers on the left side of the table For left-handers on the right side of the table And what you need to do is to start with your
bat (racket) just slightly higher than the Drive With your bat open so that we can come
under the ball to create backspin on the ball. OK Almost using your elbow as a lever Come downwards and under the ball taking the ball between the bounce and
the top of the bounce – reasonably early So obviously for left-handers we’d be
this side of the table playing there.OK. So we’re just going to demonstrate that now. Also, if the ball is short, we need to
make sure we move in to take the ball early OK so we need to demonstrate some short ones Step in to take the ball early.

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