table tennis backhand loop

Welcome to Today we’re going to look at the
Backhand Loop. So, starting from our Ready Position For the Backhand Loop it’s quite useful to
give yourself a bit more space away from the table Because we’re playing with a bit more
power and spin on the ball OK. So like the Drive, Instead of just starting above the table we’re going to bring the
bat (racket) down slightly further And with the Backhand Loop,
you can have two choices. You can either start from the hip
and then turn the body into the stroke or you can start nearer, inbetween your legs
and come up that way. So that’s the choice
which you need to make as a player for the Backhand Loop Also, having your shoulders forward Get the bat (racket) down – I prefer it
between the legs – I feel like I have more control And then, from the elbow,
come upwards and forwards with a fast arm, and then brushing over the top of the ball
finishing in front of us here OK. We’re just going to demonstrate that now.

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