table tennis backhand flick

Welcome to Today we’re going to look at the
Backhand Flick. So again,
starting in your Ready Position. We should know by now. First thing we need to do for the
Backhand Flick is to step in. You want to take the ball early And usually,
you play a Flick when the ball is short So for right handers
we need to step in with our right leg. And then, with your bat (racket) closed Using a bit of the elbow to come
upwards and forwards on the ball, flicking forward OK. So make sure you step in first Then taking the ball at the top of the bounce
or just before the top of the bounce depending on the ball you get Then come through So making sure that your head is
close to the ball as well because playing a Flick from up here
is quite difficult So we need to make sure that we get our whole body in to play the stroke And for men (women wouldn’t usually) but men it’s useful to use the wrist
to get a bit more spin on the ball Step in. Step in.

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