table tennis backhand drive

Welcome to Today we’re going to look at the
Backhand Drive. So for the Backhand Drive Starting in your match Ready Position So for right-handers on the left side of the table Left-handers on the right side of the table Start with the bat (racket) above the table
but with the bat (racket) closed coming over the ball for the topspin And then, using your elbow a little bit,
but keeping the elbow still using it as a lever
like throwing a frisbee a little bit the bat (racket) comes upwards and forwards and travels over the ball OK. So starting the bat (racket) –
not bringing it in too much – just a little bit then come upwards and forwards a nice short stroke taking the ball round about just before the
top of the bounce, or top of the bounce depending on the ball you’re getting OK. So we’re just going to demonstrate that now. Making sure we have a nice loose arm
when we play this as well Also for some players, If you want to get
a bit more power through the ball Use a little bit of wrist to finish off the shot
to get a bit more spin and power

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