Table Tennis “Amateur” Level in China (Wow)

This is the voice of coach EmRatThich. “Pink is red, Violet is blue, and Table
Tennis is China”. This is the amateur level in China! This is the 4th Media Cup Tournament organized
in Beijing. This
tournament is only for journalist and personnel who works in TV,
media organizations (like Sina Sports, CCTV). This is the 4th Media Cup Tournament organized
in Beijing. This
tournament is only for journalist and personnel who works in TV,
media organizations (like Sina Sports, CCTV). They are all amateur players in China. But feel the difference! The
amateur players in China and in your country. Each time, these
players attack, the ball is very fast. They are “amateur” but play
very well! This is the overall level in China. Every player uses Chinese hard
rubber (hear the “clack” sound each time they hit the ball). The personnels of ten Media Organizations
have joined this tournament (Sponsored by Stiga China).

64 thoughts on “Table Tennis “Amateur” Level in China (Wow)

  1. It's not such a HUGE difference if you consider that there's a similar kind of skill level in the lower leagues here in Germany.

  2. You may have known that, just like in Vietnam, there is some pro players who have short term contract with companies and compete on their behalf. Jounalist, banker or even police competitions are full of near-pro players. It is part of company promotion too

  3. Not big deal, the amateur players in my town play ping pong with beer in their hands, come on, hold mime…

  4. I wouldn't exactly call this the average level in China. You can find players like this in Europe, too. Don't try to fool yourself that the majority of players in China play like this.

  5. Can you list which rubbers exactly (that you actually can order/buy outside of china) are "hard chinese rubber" ?

  6. No difference between them and amateurs in my country Nigeria. The professional level of course is a different ball game

  7. I was in Shanghai for 4 years and this level shown is slightly better than average but certainly not strong, the average standard in China is quite poor, most people play for fun or as exercise. But the top level is much much higher. Basically the only good players I could find were coaches or ex professionals, anyone else is in university or the professional clubs.

  8. if we're judging by amateur players that attend organized amateur player tournaments… I don't really see a difference at all

  9. Hi, very interesting, but does they use hard rubbers for BH too? Or just DHS hurricane 3 for FH and Tenergy 05 for BH?

  10. Obviously this video mean nothing. If I edit my best plays I turn myself Ma Long. In general I like your videos, not in this case.

  11. they're okay. they aren't as strong as i expect. I'm a serious amateur player who started playing shakehand for 4 years – and i think my level is same as the TOP of these guys in the video. so they are good amateur players, but not at a surprising level really…. between them and the REAL chinese pros , there's still at least a couple of levels in between

  12. People who have never see themselves in a video will always thought that they play like Ma Long. Trust me, record yourself, and you can see how lousy you are in video.

  13. 3:56 how did he swing the bat to the right judging by the spin? WOW. Then he quickly followed left with his fake follow through perfectly

  14. Many viewers said that "This level is OK, I can beat them easily". I want to clarify that, they are just journalist, amateur players. Yes, you can beat them if you play competition in a table tennis club, but if you take some journalists in other countries and ask them to play like that? And If you film yourself playing, and compare to these players, you can see that these shots are much faster.

  15. I remember when I recorded my game and watched it for the first time. I was really surprised that everything is much slower on video. These guys are very good for an amateur level

  16. The present Chinese amateurs look pretty good because they all using illegal rubbers (treated with the oil and organic glues). 
     Those illegal equipment will cause the ball travelling at frantic speed, and it makes the casual low-class players looking better on the video.

  17. EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach can give ty0ung0s a run for his money in spreading Chinese supremacist propaganda 😀

  18. People should definitely film games that they play. It looks so much slower than how we imagine it.

    In fact the people who say they can beat these guys, please upload videos and tell us to watch your games

  19. i work at factory and some of my co-workers play table tennis for a hobby. and guess what their hit is as good if not better than this guys. and yes i'm not live in China.

  20. This is the best table tennis channel on youtube, I learned alot from it.
    Some of these players seem to good to be purely amateur players, they seem more like former pro players, they have a very good technique.

    I am also an amateur, played table tennis for the first time at 23 years
    old, now I am 30 years old. I currently participate in a national
    amateurs(also former pro players or young pro players) tournament. I
    always wondered in which league(for example 7th league in germany, 6th
    in france etc.) I could play. I never trained with a coach, learned
    everythung from youtube and by filming my matches.

    I am the taller guy from this video (amateur semifinal match)

    Thank you in advance and sorry for the off topic…

  21. You can find higher level amateurs like this in any country, as all the people who took it too seriously mentioned. The point is that, higher level amateurs are much more commonplace in China than anywhere else.

  22. This game is so popular in China, so they have lots of good not so good players, so simple! when you have so many players to choose from, you would have many good players and many not very good players

  23. Quote:"But feel the difference!The amateur players in China and in your country…." Lol,have you ever checked how amateur players from other countries play?You say it like the chinese players have this game in their genes…You obviously don't know what you are saying lol.

  24. I like many of your videos and appreciate the openness with which you share. Kudos for that!
    Well, I have been pondering with this Asian vs. Europe "philosophy" thing and I suspect it's kind of a false dichotomy. I saw a similar thing in Go, that I studied a bit before I switched back to my old passion table tennis. So there were people comparing Asian vs. European warfare and philosophy just from contrasting chess (medieval type tactics; one front, one objective) and Go (Sun Tzu, Guerilla tactics, multiple fights at once) and, you know, it stroke me as deep some time, but then a Chinese friend, who by the way doesn't even really play Go or table tennis, said it's all bollocks. Maybe he's too much Europeanized already, but maybe he has a point there.
    On another note, it suprises me, you take using chinese rubber as a proof of quality. On some German channel a really high level amateur tried them out and observed many things very much in line with what you put out – and ultimately decided it was better to stick to European rubbers, because in amateur game there are too few strokes in the high tempo regime where the rubber would be beneficial.
    (Here some German amateurs for comparison? )

  25. think you should see this one. Both are Primary school student in HK.

  26. In fact, there are big gap between amature and professional in Pingpong player in China. In China, the children chosen to be a Pingpong player since they are 4 or 5. If they were chosen, they would go to professional school for Pingpong. They will have 6-8 hours training every day. And, they will have 3-4 hours  for normal learning. For Amature, most of them play Pingpong after graduate.

  27. I think they are not completely amateurs bc they have good racket but I can make a highlight video in my club with much better rallies.

  28. If China has a rank for all the players,those players should be over 10000.So it not a big case to beat them.

  29. it is hard to admit the gap even the rest of the world knocked the great wall as chip stones. People only want to believe the truth they wish.

  30. err.. the old guys in those videos played at least 20+ years. The middle age guy with some form took some lessons. The girl was ex professional that got dropped out early because she doesn't cut it.

    The "play for fun" players skill level in china is actually really low. Been to those open club with no roof playing ping pong on stone table before? those are the "play for fun" players.

  31. nice vid ..your commentary sounds slightly cocky but I know what you mean ….LOL….. we train in England and this level would be considered very good club level (in our area) . So I guess the point is if we were to have a competition for local journalists we would probably be lucky to have ten players in the tournament and we would probably be finishing the session with around the table game 🙂 chocolate medals for the winners and cup of tea for everyone 🙂

  32. I think at least half of the amateur Chinese players I know of, including myself, play better than these guys. And I am sure none of us played in any sort of clubs anywhere. Most of these players look too overweighted to move fast. On the other hand, I think I'm below the average TBH.

  33. Whats your point by post this video, you wanted to declare that chinese are better than others?

  34. I watched for a minute and then i gave up. Fucked up video . I am a student and i can fucking beat them with my right hand ???

  35. LOL the woman so cute, she was soo smiling when the high ball comes in, she was thinking for sure waa such nice Chance to smash it to heaven and then shocked for a sec. and goes like wooohoooow running behind the ball. And the man so cool just walking away without showing emotions.
    And the very last men one was for sure the boss, look at the points, 5-5, 10-10 – because you can not beat the boss in a game would be respectless or not ?

  36. Playing table tennis recreationally and competing in a few local tournaments over the last 6 years, I have met table tennis players of many different nationalities. That being said, a lot of Chinese and Asian people in general play table tennis, but in my experience, the best amateur table tennis players I've ever seen are from former Soviet countries and Cuba. No lie.

  37. These are representatives from the journalists and media you moron. Not everyone knows how to play table tennis in China. Plus, look at these old junkies. I wouldn't even call this a sport.

  38. This is the 周庄/Zhou Zhuang club located at the compound of the same name nearby Shilihe subway station, I play there at least three times a week. They conduct amateur tournaments every month gathering people from other clubs. I'd say the lever of tournaments' participants is higher than that of club members in average, but the last one is still higher than mine albeit I've been attending classes at 炎上 tt school for 1,5 years, the school belongs to a former 2 times world champion, Beijing's female team head coach Guo Yan. Not all of those players use hurricane-like rubbers btw

  39. An amateur level in China is similar to everywhere else. Some of your videos are informative but I am getting tired of this China shit… A lot of European players or Japan players are very, very close to China team A. Even Ma Long or FZD win "only" about 55% points and sometimes they lose and they will be loosing even more often. Let's say four guys who are a little better then rest of the world, not the whole of China:)) And what about the rest? Guys from China team B have pants full of shit when they are to play top European players:)) You said yourself in on of the movies that there is "huge gap" between Team A and Team B. So if there is huge gap and top Europeans are very close to Team A ..then do the math. Take Ma Long/FZD out of the team, out of special training among other top5 and they will loose all the edge. 39 years old Waldner was able to outplay Ma Lin at 2004 Olympics, so stop telling your crap.

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