Swingless Golf Club vs. Human

– Welcome to the Sand Hollow
Golf Course in southern Utah. This is the top golf course in all of Utah and one of the top golf
courses in all of America. So if you’re ever coming to
Utah and you wanna go golfing, this is probably the place you wanna start or at least add to your
list of places to play. Today we’re gonna do
something interesting. Maybe you’ve seen the video. If you haven’t already, there’s a video on our main What’s Inside channel where we take apart and we cut
open the EZeeGolf golf clubs. – [Lincoln] Swingless. – Swingless golf club. (yelling) It got all over me. You put these little
cartridges inside of it, that are like bullet cartridges, and you just push a button and
it shoots the ball for you. But we wanna do a bit
of a challenge today. It’s going to be me with
the swingless golf club versus Lincoln with
his regular golf clubs. When we get close to the
hole I’m gonna chip and putt, so I won’t use the swingless
golf club for that. But everything up to the green is gonna be with this guy right here. – Everything from like
75 yards, or is it 100? – I think that 75 is the
lowest that it’ll go. So anything 75 yards and
longer, we’ll use that club. If I beat Lincoln, he owes me a milkshake. Let’s get out on the course and show you this beautiful course. Lincoln on the first tee. You’re elevated up here, it’s a par four. Is this a par four? Yeah. One interesting thing about this course is the front nine is kind
of in this sagebrush. It’s still really beautiful and there’s 84 bunkers on this course. But the back nine is really, it’s like every hole’s a signature hole, you’re on the edge of cliffs. We’re probably gonna do
this video in three parts, the first six holes, second
six holes and third six holes. So make sure that you stick
around for all of them and watch all of them so you
can see this full course. It’s time. Lincoln, first tee. What a shot. Put it about a half an inch
to an inch away from it, you pull the safety, and
then you just push the button and it should shoot it out there. Look at this, I don’t even
have to look and I can hit it. (soft popping noise) (Lincoln chuckling) Did I go the right direction?
– That’s gone. – Who hit it further,
Lincoln or me? We’ll see. But this is gonna be a fun
little competition here. All right, Lincoln, what’d
you think on the first shot? – I hit mine really good.
– You did. – Sometimes I’m thinking, don’t
hit it bad, don’t hit a bad, on the first first tee box especially. – You and every other golfer in the world. I mean that’s golf for you hey. There’s so much of it is mental. And the pressure was on, we had probably 10 different staff members
over there just watching us. ‘Cause they’re like,
“What is this golf club?” Okay, so there’s Lincoln over there. Here’s me. So what do
you think, like 20 yards, 30 yards?
– 30. – Lincoln, you out drove me by 30 yards. (soft popping noise) Come around. Come around, buddy.
– It’s coming. – Cleared the bunker. It landed on the back of the green, it might’ve gone off the green. This is so funny. Holy smokes. I mean, if Lincoln can
get it closer than me, he’s in a good spot. This club’s pretty amazing. (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] Come around. – [Dan] You hit it deep? – [Lincoln] Yeah, I hit it right. – [Dan] So here’s the green right here. Here’s one ball. This is mine right here, Titleist two. Look where Lincoln is. He’s
actually further away than I am. He’s a little bit more
pin-high though with this shot. (upbeat music) The swingless this golf club isn’t gonna protect you
from bad short game. (groaning) All right, make this to win the hole. – [Lincoln] Are we matchplay scoring? – No no no, I’m just
saying you’ll be up on me. – [Lincoln] Yes. – Is that par?
– Yup. – [Dan] Nice par, buddy. (groaning) Get around there. All right, double bogey. That was a good hole by Lincoln. All right, hole one in the
books, Lincoln up by two strokes. – The bunker’s 208. I went right in between the
two bunkers on the right. – [Dan] Another good shot,
that’s a great place to be. – [Lincoln] All right, so
here’s the fake golfer. – Fake golfer? (Lincoln chuckling) Look at that. (soft popping noise) – [Lincoln] The hole’s on the left side. I mean on the right.
– Whoa, that went so high. It crushed it, it went so high.
– It almost hit those guys over there, do you see ’em? I hope this one is not big. – Here, I’m gonna hit it, but zoom in on the guys and
let’s see if they react to it. So zoom in on them and
just get their reaction. (soft popping noise) Oh yeah, look at that shot. – No reaction.
– They didn’t even move. There’s a dog that started barking. Those guys, there’s just no way they’ve ever heard that on a golf course. So why arn’t they looking over? – That was weird, that
one was kinda loud too. – [Dan] So we’re hitting from blue, so Lincoln hit it 274 yards on that drive. (rousing music) – [Lincoln] It’s gonna
be a really tricky shot. There’s the green, and this is
his ball, and it’s 82 yards. But the lowest yardage is 75. – I’ve never done the 75. I don’t really trust it, I feel like it’s gonna
go way over the green. – [Lincoln] That completely worked. – I’m on the green.
– It just rolled. – It rolled the whole way, but wow. Look at this. Here’s the whole, that’s where my shot is. And to be fair to the
club, I aimed to the right ’cause I looked at the green and I thought that’d be the safe place to go. But if I had aimed more at it, it could’ve come down this ridge and maybe gone down to the hole. Whoa, that did not bite. That did not bite. Uh-oh, uh-oh. Uh-oh! Oh, it stopped. Knock it in, Linc. This is birdie, right?
– Yeah. – [Dan] Birdie putt down the hill. – [Lincoln] Come over. Got it. Two pars in a row. – Dang, the pressure is on. (upbeat music) Get over there! Bogey. – [Lincoln] He’s three over through two. – It’s not the EZeeGolf club
that’s killing me, it’s me. It’s my freaking short game. Where’s the swingless short-game club? – [Lincoln] I pulled it. – [Dan] She’s going right. I don’t know what’s over
there, but you’re right. Hopefully there’s some grass. (soft popping noise) – [Lincoln] Ooh, that’s coming back. It’s a good shot.
– Got a draw to it. Pin-high on the green. I got a long put, and you know
that’s trouble for me today. I think I saw Lincoln’s
ball just off by the bushes. He may have just barely been safe. My ball’s on the green, baby. I’m putting. Check out my ball. It’s right there. There’s
my ball, there’s the hole. From all the way over there. – That would be a good shot
with a normal golf club. – [Dan] I’d be happy,
with a the normal club. It’s just on this thick grass. Let’s make sure it’s your ball. – [Lincoln] It is. – [Dan] It’s got the IN logo on it. Gotta hit it.
– Go! Go. (groaning) I thought it
would be so much faster. – For par and making up two strokes. Boom. I can par it too, buddy. – [Lincoln] Nice. – All right, fourth hole,
par four, 420 yards. And right now, Lincoln is
still up by one stroke. (upbeat music) I lost it. – [Lincoln] It’s going way
right. It’s going at that bunker. – [Dan] Lincoln is just hugging
the outside on this one. – [Lincoln] 194. – [Dan] 194. He’s right here, this thing
curves around to the left. My ball’s over there above the bunker. Lincoln’s right here, he out drove me. That looks a little left. This is only my second
time playing this course and Lincoln’s never played it. So we’re kind of playing it blind. Oh my gosh, there are so
many bunkers over there. All right, 241 yards. Just gotta hit it right on that right of the green, short, and don’t hit it in the bunkers. (soft popping noise) What? Why’d it hit so far right? I aimed way too far to the
right and I hit the car path and it bounced out into the bushes. So yeah, this isn’t completely foolproof. (upbeat music) Now we go off looking for this ball. This is like them living in
the middle of the desert. Whoa, rabbit! Ah, hot ’em. Oh my gosh, I’m not in a bush. This sucks, I hate bunker shots. Oh! It came out and turned to the right, hit the front of the green and then just rolled all
the way across the green. I hit a gap wedge, and it’s
like probably 65 yards. Too much club, but there’s all that sand, I didn’t think it’d
could come out so clean. Okay, here’s my ball right here. Oh, there’s Lincoln’s. Hey, that’s not bad.
– Yeah. I did not know there’s bunkers over there. I’m really happy I’m not in one of those. (groaning) – Short game. Bite. Damn. (upbeat music) That was not enough distance, holy moly. (upbeat music) There he goes. Nice put. Hole number five, 361. You got a bunker about 170 out there. Pretty straight, going a little left but you got grass over there. If there’s one thing
that I’ve learned today from using the EZeeGolf club is that, if you wanna improve your golf game, you need to practice your short game. And I know that people
say that all the time. This just shows me even more. Because I’m getting close to the hole, I just am not hitting
my short game very well. I mean, I’m not even looking
on these and it’s going. (soft popping noise) – [Lincoln] Yep, that’s money. – Yeah, see, don’t even have to look. Water break. Get some of that water. It is hot out here today. (upbeat music) Wow, what is in the fairway? Oh, that’s pretty. – [Lincoln] Here we go,
here comes the roller. (soft popping noise)
Pew, roller. – [Dan] Yo, stop. Rolled off the back of
the green like yours. This green is just fast. Yeah, there’s a hole. There’s Lincoln, there’s me. Oh no. Short game. I know, I’m embarrassed
for myself. I know. That’s a pretty roll. – [Lincoln] Get there. – [Dan] Nice. Is that par? – [Lincoln] Thanks, yep. – [Dan] Nice par. Oh! – [Lincoln] Aah! My
camera just stopped it. – That means it’s like
a two-stroke penalty, if your ball hits something
that you placed there. But it really was just
moving a little bit. I’m not taking that penalty today. We don’t take that when
we’re playing easy golf. I think I got a five plus four. 468-yard par four, and you just have a hill up
there you gotta hit it on. – [Lincoln] Look, look look look. There it is. (soft popping noise)
Oh, you hit. Sorry, I kinda wasn’t filming you. – That’s all right, you
were showing the bunny. – [Lincoln] It’s a pretty cool bunny. Where’d it go? – [Dan] Top of the hill on the right side. 228 yards. The flag is right down that way with a bunker sitting
right in front of it. Lincoln hit it right on that hill. It may have gone in the
bunker, it may not have. How far am I? – [Lincoln] 260. – Oh geez, okay. I’ll be short on this. I gotta pull out the big swing on this to get it close.
– The big swing. I guess this is my layup. (soft popping noise) – Ooh.
– Dang! (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] Whoa. With
the backstop, what a shot. – [Dan] Ah, whoa! I saw that coming. – It broke. – Boom. I do love that sound of it going in.
– (groaning) That’s awful. – And Lincoln got a six on
that par four, double bogey, and I got a four. So that makes it Lincoln up by two. So far, Lincoln is up by
two with six holes in. It could go either way. Obviously you’ve seen our short
game is not the strongest. It’s the beginning of the season, by the end of the season
we’re gonna be a lot better. We’re gonna end this video
right here, six holes in. Can I come back with the
EZeeGolf swingless golf club and beat Lincoln? You’re gonna have to
stay tuned to find out. Next video will be the next six holes. All right, thanks for watching, guys. – Yep, bye. (soft popping noise) (groaning)

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  3. Lincoln is a really good golfer! I was never that good at that age. Then I quit because I always sliced the ball to the right.

  4. As I watch this it brings back memories of my child hood when my dad use to take me to the golf course. He never golfed but it was just great to spend time in a chilled environment with him. It is awesome that the both of you can share the same passion as one another for a sport that keeps you active and gives you healthy competition between each other.

  5. I stopped playing Golf years due to Back problems, If I used this would I need to explain to everyone why ? Im scared to death to try to play a normal Game of golf worried that my driver Swings will hurt my back again.

  6. My family owns a golf course here in Illinois if you’d like to bring Lincoln here I’d love to play with him. I’m 14. Guessing around the same age as him

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