Swing the Golf Club Hard or Smooth? What is Better and the Stats to Prove it!

okay I’m at precision golf centers here
in Torrance California I just can’t leave this place it’s too much fun today
in this video what we’re gonna talk about is should you hit a hard iron shot
or should you swing smooth should you take less Club or more Club what’s gonna
happen to your shot we’re gonna find out for real let’s do it alright so Craig here he set me up at
his place his place precision golf centers and I will leave a link below
make sure you check them out on their website and their Instagram account
pema follow awesome awesome facility here so what we’re gonna do is in this
video should you swing easy or hard like if
you’re in between clubs should you take more Club and swing smoother or should
you take a less Club and give it a full swing there’s different theories but
we’re gonna we’re gonna put it to the test
right now here we go okay what we’re doing is we’re selecting
the distance my 8 goes 150 so this shot is gonna be 157 should I hit 8-iron try
to get it or should I back off a 7 and go that distance go go that route we’re
gonna go my 7 iron shots are gonna be in what color green they’re gonna be mr.
short game green and E and the 8 iron is gonna be purple I’m find out which one
gives us the better consistency in our shot here we go
so we’ll do 10 shots easy 7 iron goes first kind of see where we’re at and
then we’ll try to stretch out and eat iron tendon that’s me 20 shot let me
tired after this I need a nap by the way I’m using my Titleist a p2 s you can
tell I hit those Oh a little bit so and we’re not cherry-picking anything this
is 10 real-deal shots all right no fake stuff here you guys know who you are who
do that so that’s great you know see you down there bones bar I got I’m
too relaxed I gotta I gotta take some off it all right let’s take a look at my
grouping here it was pretty good I think I don’t know four feet five inches is
average to the pin okay with a standard deviation of fourteen feet three inches
and then what we can do at the end as well have both of the colors coming in
okay with the dots there so right there’s my 7 iron on the my 7 iron shots
right yep yup the grouping right there yep is that the green the circle no
that’s just like significant yeah that’s like the standard deviation the group
size right yeah yeah so a tighter circle more accurate more consistent 78 percent
of your shots are in between 10 feet and 29 feet okay awesome so uh that’s the
easy 7 iron so now we’re gonna go the same distance but with less Club 8 iron
and see what kind of a dispersion we get now let’s do it okay my dispersion was
actually actually 10 feet to 39 feet okay to be accurate with my 7
now we’re going 8-iron same distance 157 157 8-iron so I got a I got a give it
all I got all right so that’s 10 shots 710 shot
8-iron let me check out our numbers here we go
this thing is is with that 8-iron when you’re swinging all out your distance is
actually a little bit better okay well you’re missing a little bit more rider
left right and then with that 7-iron your distance is a little bit more
sporadic you can see by the shape of the circles right yeah a little bit more
miss forward forward or back with the seven but it’s a little bit more
accurate the average to the pin with 8-iron mm-hmm twenty eight feet six
inches okay and then 13 feet 11 inches is that standard deviation so you’re
looking at what’s that 15 feet to 41 feet a little closer with the seven just
just a little bit yeah but but my distance is off or my deviations higher
with a seven so I mean that’s just that’s just distance to the pin forward
back okay side to side just on average distance to the pin okay but when we go
to here you can see this one’s more oblong yeah
so that their distance is actually a little bit more solid with that 8-iron
then with the 7-iron interest so what we found was for me at least when I hit a
7-iron my accuracy is better I’m closer to the pin but my distance control is a
little off probably because I’m not used to taking some off a club I don’t really
practice that a time whereas most of us swing all out so when I hit the 8-iron
my distance control is better but my misses are more side to side so it’s
something good to know like let’s say there’s water short maybe I take the
8-iron because I know I can go all out at least cover the water I might be side
to side whereas the seven if I don’t hit it right it’s gonna come up short so I
don’t know that’s just for me but it’s a good number to know for everybody where
you you know are you more accurate by taking more Club or less Club
and that’s gonna really help out your game so will a place like this like
precision golf centers if your local here Torrance I’ll leave a link below
check out Craig’s place here is place awesome he’ll hook you up you bet
follow him on Instagram I’ll leave all the info below thanks for watching
I don’t know hope this is helpful for your game so you know what what to do in
certain situations alright hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you
haven’t already we’ll see you in the next video

19 thoughts on “Swing the Golf Club Hard or Smooth? What is Better and the Stats to Prove it!

  1. This doesn't quite add up. If you hit your 8 iron 150 yards then your 7 iron should go about 162-164 yards. Wouldn't you just choke up on a 7 iron and/or put the ball a little forward in your stance and take a full swing? Why did you have to swing easy? The only time I take more club swing easy is when I'm trying to keep the ball low and under the wind. Maybe I'm missing something, but that is how I play it.

  2. Based on what I saw your side to side dispersion with a full swing was only slightly worse than the easy swing, but the distance control was much better with the full swing. I would say that this "proves" that you MrShortGame are more accurate with a full swing than with an easier 3/4 swing. Judging what 3/4 is in the back swing is difficult do when you don't practice it all the time. I run into the same issue when I'm 70-80 yards out. I don't have a 60° club currently, so my 3/4 swings with my 56° miss the green short, and long because I don't practice that shot enough with the clubs I have.

  3. It seems like I have three swings: My regular swing, Taking some off swing and the worst is when I try and get more out of the club. Distance isn't normally a problem I hit a 7 iron 190. But will pull every shot if I try and get a yard more out of it lol

  4. If your 8 iron goes 150 then im guessing your 7 iron goes 160. So its basically a stock 7 your hitting to 157. I think a more insightful experiment would be what happens when you really go after a club? Like try to hit your 8 iron 163? Whats that dispersion like? Or what happens when you really underclub like try to hit your 7 iron 150. These 2 ideas would give us better data. But anyways thanks for your videos i enjoy them!

  5. I always take more club and choke down a half inch but I do use a clock style no wrist cock swing with my irons.
    It's probably harder to do if you are a loose throw style swinger.

  6. I would be more interested in the spin numbers. Does a full hit 8 iron have more back spin then a soft hit 7 iron? That way I would know that a full 8 iron would come in higher and stop, where as a soft 7 iron would roll out more due to less spin.

  7. try this.regular swing and choke down an inch on the 7 iron…over swinging is rampant in weekend warriors..you can't work on striking the ball well with different swing speeds in mind..there is only one swing, and it is smooth…….KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

  8. Ha ha, no definitive answer, I love it. Now you have to decide do I play percentages (left or right), or (long or short). Sorry, poor English there, more or's than a viking longship. Great video tho.

  9. So, how do you get that accuracy! Its hard to even hit the fareway let alone a small circle!…how about a video on accuracy?

  10. The easier the swing the better the accuracy and the harder the swing the less the accuracy. Yea ok I would have figured that.

  11. The results would be different from actual grass lies. It's much easier to get a clean strike with an easy swing. Trying to hit harder leads to mis hits so the 8i numbers would be overall worse. From a mat. you can hit fat, bounce into the ball and see no ill effects. Whereas from grass, the mis hits from overswinging would stack up.

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