Sussex Cricket – #MyPlacementStory

My name is Matt Neocleous, my role at Sussex
Cricket Club is Marketing and Communications Intern. I found my placement on the Bournemouth [University]
Career Hub, it was excellent as there were so many options there available. I looked at other places but because of the
location, this was excellent for me. An average day for me can change on a very
regular basis, just because of how small my personal team is in the marketing and commercial
communication sector. A day in the life of me could, if its a match
day, could be dealing with the game that is going on, so that could include being on social
media accounts, it could be helping to organise volunteers that are here, basically just the
whole general runaround on the day. If it is not a matchday it might involve me
planning promotional content that we have, any marketing stuff that you see with the
club will be designed by the team that I work in. It can vary quite drastically, it could also
include press releases, any stories that we have, any player contracts that have happened. Being in a small team like I am means I get
to do a variety of different roles, which I think is going to help me in the long run. On a personal level it means that I can improve
on a lot of things. My advice to any students looking for a placement
is to just explore all options. The Career Hub is excellent and it was great
for me on this occasion, but it might not be for everyone depending on the industry
that you want to go into. Obviously you’ve got to look at all the job
sites that are available that include placements. Another thing would just be to get in touch
with certain companies and speak to whoever you can and build that relationship, even
if it doesn’t lead to anything further. I graduated in 2012, part of my course was
a year placement. I was the first marketing intern to be at
Sussex Cricket, and I have since gone on to get a full time role here, and have now moved
my way up into Marketing Manager at Sussex Cricket, so I definitely wouldn’t be where
I am today without the course at Bournemouth University. He’s [Matt] been a fantastic help since he’s
joined, we are a small team of two, plus Matt’s help, but we’re dealing with a brand that
is recognised globally, so there is a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and he’s
taken it on with great admiration and he’s been a real asset to the team. The beauty of Sussex Cricket is we are a small
knit team and he really gets to understand the real life issues that we have to deal
with. I think it is really important, I think it
gives you [1] an experience and experiences you can put on your CV and more importantly
actually, it puts into practice the theory that you learn at University. I’m the Communications and Marketing Executive
at Sussex Cricket, half my role is based in the press and media side of things, so I’m
the main media manager for the club, and the other half of my role is split with the marketing
team, so I assist Tom Rose, the Marketing Manager, every intern and student that we
have is classed as a full time member of staff. It is very important that they are classed
as a full member of staff and that’s how we treat them. We’ve definitely got a wider strategy around
social media now, and that is something really important for our interns to get involved
in. It is really pleasing how he has progressed,
and we’re looking forward to him being here for the rest of this year. I absolutely think a placement is key to the
course and to Bournemouth University as well because it really gets you to understand what
it is that you want to do, what direction you want to go in. Because I work in such a small team I get
to do a lot of things that I wouldn’t have done in a bigger team, so I think there are
a lot of things that I can take away with me, including writing press releases for such
a big and prestigious Club. It is probably best not always to be sat in
a lecture hall where you are taking notes and for me personally it is better to get
out and do things.

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