What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. This is vlog number three from the Rio 2016 Olympics with L.A. 2024. Right now we’re in Barra da Tijuca. We’re going to try our hand at the latest Olympic sport: Surfing. Let’s go. All right, guys. We are on the beach. There’s a little surf shop just up here. We’re going to check out some boards, get some rentals, and then hop in the water. There are some fun little waist to chest-high waves. There’s not a lot of wind. It’s sunny and warm. It’s the perfect time to go for a surf. We have a funky, old longboard. But hey. It works. How was that? Caught a couple of fun ones. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the ocean. I’ve got a little bit of the dreaded nipple rash. We’ve got two friends here. Carles y Patry I think our Catalan friends are going to try to learn a little bit of surfing right now. I’m going to harness my inner surf instructor and give them a quick one-two-three on how to surf, see if we can’t get them in the water, get them up on some waves. Nicely done, man. Good teacher. Not too bad. Very good for the first timers. Catalunya faces the Mediterranean. There’re not really huge waves there. It’s nice here..just outside the city. It’s a bit less crowded than Copacabana. Overall, good vibe. We’re really enjoying the healthy living down here. We’re going to get some coconut water and some açai. I love eating açai. It’s healthy, supposedly, but it really just tastes like a nice sherbet How you feeling, Brother? Great. Love it. So nice here. Brazil, honestly…… they know how to do the beach properly. Coconut water is big back home, but ain’t nothin’ like coconut straight from the coconut. I feel like that could be auto-tuned. [singing] Ain’t nothin’ like a coconut in a coconut. Right now we’re on beautiful Copacabana Beach. We’ve had a little impromptu meet-up. These lovely ladies have come to say hello. Hi. What’s on the schedule? Beach volleyball. A sport that originated in Santa Monica, California, but it has taken a life of its own here in Brazil. We’re going to try our hands at playing volleyball I think the last time I played volley ball was in middle school. So we shall see. But first, of course, coffee. Go, go, go, go, go, go,go! All right. So now we are on Copacobana Beach with Yuri and Elizabeth, our lovely volunteers. They’re going to break it down for us. They’re going to give us the four essential manuevers plus one style factor, and then Mark and I are going to go head- to- head in a beach volley ball competition. Ready, ladies? Yeah we’re ready. Hey, Iceman. You can’t touch Maverick. You’re going down, dude. Going down. You’re going down. I’ll give that a two. I give that a nine. I give it a ten. That burns. That burns. Whoo. Yeah. I won. No. Okay. Alex. Isso é legal [Portuguese: This is cool] And we’re in. The party’s popping off. There’s a band about to start playing. There’re all the athletes who have been crushing it at the Olympics this week. It’s a pretty good vibe. Vagabuddies. We’ve just bumped into another awesome brother duo. We love brothers. Brother teams are the best. It’s the Fine Bros. How are you guys liking the Olympics? We love the Olympics. We come every four years. It ‘s the one vacation we let ourselves take. We never have time for ourselves. But the Olympics… it’s worth it. And if people have never gone to the Olympics, hopefully one time in your life, you’ll be able to go. And you might run into another amazing brother YouTube team. When we were at the opening ceremonies, and I cropped in on a shot to look at these two flags and I saw the Fine Bros, and I know that some of you guys saw the Fine Bros too. It’s kind of cool that we finally bumped into them. And guys, if you don’t subscribe to the Fine Bros already, go do yourself a favor. Do it. Pretty awesome. We’ve just checked out the L.A. 2024 stand here at Team USA House. It’s pretty incredible, man. L.A. has hosted the Olympics twice before in 1932 and 1984. The UCLA dorm rooms where I went to school… my alma mater would be the athletes village. I’m super proud of that. Some athlete from around the world will be staying in my college dorm room. That’s pretty cool. I would be proud to see the Olympics come back to L.A. This has been a super fun day, and what a great way to finish it off. It’s been super cool, guys. Thanks for watching. You know what to do: if you liked the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for more travel videos every Tuesday and Saturday. In the meantime, I’m going to finish my gin and tonic. You guys stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Boa noite!


  1. Accurate representation of my surfing skills ? but hey, as long as you don't drown it's all good. Awesome video as always!

  2. Great vlog guys! Really enjoying these new vlogs that you're putting out, much more personal and much more dynamic 🙂 Just wondering how did you guys get contact with other youtubers when you were in Brazil?

  3. What an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing your Rio experience chaps. I get to travel vicariously through your videos. Although have Tokyo dreams ? Enjoy Ireland x

  4. Very nice! Olympics are on To-do-list and hopefully I manage to nail it next time. Keep on filming and keep up the good work.

  5. I just discovered your channel and it has quickly become one of my favorite travel channels on youtube. You guys should go to Panama next! I haven't been but it's on my list and I'm hoping ya'll go before me so I can get travel tips from your videos. Keep it up!

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