Superstars attend Yankees vs. Blue Jays during SummerSlam Week in Toronto

[MUSIC] It’s been awesome so far, this is my family’s second
baseball game that we’ve been to. The first time that my kids have
been out of the country and we’re kicking it off by
coming to a Blue Jays game.>>[SOUND]
>>I grew up a huge Blue Jays fan. It was right in the years when they were
winning their first World Series, 92, 93, they won the first World Series then
they won the second one, back to back. It was a great time to, just great memories
>>It’s just interesting watching different forms of athleticism,
you know what i mean? Like just different skills
that always interests me. And I love baseball, big baseball fan me, go Cubs
>>We got a lot of WWE fans all over especially here in Toronto,
with Summerslam coming up in a few days. To see people kinda do a double take like,
is that Kofi over there? Is that Braun Strowman? Is that Becky Lynch over there? You know what I mean? It’s cool to be that happy surprise. And, put a smile on somebody’s face. Give ‘ something that
they weren’t expecting. It’s awesome.>>I’m just gonna try to
throw to the catchers mitt. Well, either throw there, or I’ll probably
hit the backstop or some innocent fan, or something. Hopefully, not.>>[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Laughing it out with my coworkers, man. It’s a great day, man. Doing awesome things with the WWE, representing this company
all around the world. And just another stop on
a tour to awesomeness. [MUSIC].

70 thoughts on “Superstars attend Yankees vs. Blue Jays during SummerSlam Week in Toronto

  1. WWE is No Stranger too the Skydome aka the Rogers Centre…..They Made History there
    MORE then once….Hogan Vs Warrior(Mania 6)and Hogan Vs The Rock(Mania 18) as well as Randy Orton becoming the youngest Champion in history at SummerSlam 04 the first time SummerSlam was held outside the U.S. like Wrestlemania and Surivior Series…..Unlike the first Royal Rumble held in Hamilton, ON which was the first EVER of the big 4 seasonal ppv's too ever be held outside the U.S.!

  2. I love this the world of sports have definitely begun to open there doors to the wwe brand sense wwe has bin recognized by the espy awards i think this is cool this great and big organizations continuing to come together only good things can continue to happen more dreams can come true and maybe not make the world a better place but atleast try by putting a smile where there are frowns one face at a time. 👍

  3. – Strowman pitching for the Blue Jays this evening….no not Marcus Stroman( just got traded to the Mets ), Braun STROWMAN. 😉

  4. Ladies & Gentlemen, making a debut with the Toronto Blue Jays are Kofi Kingston of The New Day, WWE Legend Christian, The Man Becky Lynch, & WWE'S Monster Among Men Braun Strowman!

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