SUMMER HEAT BEACH VOLLEYBALL WITH MY BRO!!! || Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Gameplay

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Gameplay I also have you gonna run out good a
strategy oh yes hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
I’m here with my bro Reed what is up gamers and we’re playing summer heat
Beach volleyballs right what a classic game I played a few times already on
this channel if you haven’t check those out it goes up for sure I’ll put the
links in the description but I’m here play with my bro Reed we’re gonna play
what an expert expert playing the hardest freaking difficulty we’ll see if
we can do with two rows taking on this game so let’s get all right here we go
we’re starting off the game are you gonna get a block these guys are on
expert though my strategy with blocking is to just stand a little bit oh it’s
yeah it’s fast right now it’s a bit fast okay we got this hold on expert so the
game plays you side out for me is good I’m lefty though just so you know that
even shit actually this is really good quality count across down the line
actually shit I got it go left cross bar down the line my strategy out
the net is to distend a little one way or the other of the arrow and usually
they’ll hit her in the face yeah or the shootout side back to the cutting shit
she’s all over it now Reed go back down the line yeah I also have you turn out
good strategy oh yes we’re gonna win this game but max is
pretty infamous the slide I got it
dole this ad hoc you me me I’ll go back
really go like what is that no more controls hi oh you got this you
got it you got it we gotta use the to Baltimore outfit all
that’s a sharp cut max has got good angles now we have to use the two ball
more often am i right now
you know yes two aces since when
that’s silly yet for all you me me yes
yes this is such good quality right now oh we’re down by two because of some
Perkin technical difficulties we’ll get back like that line Rolly huge great
side all right come on now I’m flown it in at the girl I haven’t
gotten a block yet on you I got it back set me down the line yes we’re back in
this game dude Oh God I got you get up get up I got it
yeah nakta – fuckin ass all for change I thought you’re gonna say something
else honest admiring Maximilian’s tattoos
all three ball send me up dude off the face younger patience patience on that
time hey doll me you there you go pound it
I got you much southern a match point yeah huge right side out all days you put it in the middle yeah but no
dude is focused on come on you put it in the middle and then hey
at the relapse corner sometimes you’ll get the net dribbler I got it here’s our chance in the middle
back this way yes God lets her go to the library sky ball for the win
it’s a vicious sky ball I got it always on it you know I got it go back
Cuddy yes the huge yes how do we like that was
easy also have a player Tina Golding you got no blocks one the stats
are fudged alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode read I got
thank you so much for being here and my pleasure and I got to thank you guys for
watching thanks so much for sticking in the video if you enjoyed what you see
hit that like button or if you haven’t already its subscribed we would really
really appreciate it but thank you again so much for watching and we hope to see
you next time on yes guy gaming Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Gameplay

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