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I used to wake up Saturday morning I
still remember and the first thing I do is open my windows and make sure it
wasn’t raining, cause if I knew it was raining, I knew I wasn’t playing cricket.
My parents immigrated to Australia when I was four,
from Pakistan. I grew up in a fairly religious family so I’m Muslim and
that’s something that I’ve kept my whole life to this day. It’s probably the most
important part as I see as my identity and it’s one of those things that’s kept
me levelled. A lot of guys I know meditate and for me, growing up and through that
time was praying, praying is my meditation. So like try to keep that fairly
regular. I’m not a big sharer if I am struggling with something especially
when I was growing up, I’d rarely say it. I think that’s something that I found
really nice to have with Rachel, my wife. Now I’m at a place where I’m really
comfortable to share stuff even if it’s things that are frustrated me, with
you know cricket, and just normal every day to day life. When I hurt my knee a
few years ago I said to myself that the rest of my career I just want to enjoy
it, I’m not gonna play for anyone else I’m not gonna worry about the money, I’m
not gonna worry about any of the external factors.
I found the mental side of the game, and that mental side then translated into
realizing hey wait a minute the mind’s quite strong, it’s amazing
what the mind can do. That made me, that was a flick that turned in my head about
how strong the mind was and that was a flick that may realize of
moving on further in life being able to get yourself in the right headspace,
Is so important.

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